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  1. Hi All, My wife got CR-1 interview letter and I just noticed that on the DS-260 form I put her first name with my surname. Now with the interview coming up her name on DS-260 form does not match interview letter which uses her passport name (maiden name). How can I correct her name on DS-260 asap to match passport name? Will this affect the interview? Please let me know if anyone has any knowledge of this Thank you so much.
  2. Hi All, I am trying to figure out how long are the biometric and medical appointment valid for after it's complete? I'm trying to figure out far in advance I can schedule my biometric and medical appointment without it expiring. My CR1 interview is in May in India and if I schedule and complete both my medical and biometric appointment this month I'm worried it may expire by the time May comes. Or I'm wondering if I should just wait and schedule both my medical/biometric in May but that will be more stressful since it's close to interview date. If anyone has any knowledge or experience with this please let me know. I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  3. In this immigration timeline table for Mexico, which column is for documentary qualified date? https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/k1list.php?op6=All&op66=All&op7=Mexico&op1=3&op2=&dfile=No&op3=5&op4=1&op5=5%2C6%2C8%2C10%2C11%2C13%2C14%2C15%2C16%2C17%2C18%2C20%2C21%2C22%2C25%2C26%2C27%2C28%2C108%2C110%2C111%2C208%2C210%2C211&cfl=
  4. Good day to all, I live in the US and my wife will be attending interview. Do I need to attend interview with her? Will this effect the interview? Thank you,
  5. Hi Shankar,  What is your interview date? My documentary qualified date is October 6th and I'm trying to figure out when I will get my interview letter and when interview might be?

  6. In the immigration timeline for CR1/IR1 visa what column is for the documentation qualified date? I tried looking at it but can't seem to figure it out. Any help would be gladly appreciated.
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