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  1. Just got my interview scheduled for January 4th. on the notice it doesn’t say anything about spouse presence even though I’m using the 3 year rule… did people ask for same day oath adding a doc after the interview is scheduled?
  2. Processing went down to 6 months today, hoping to see interview scheduled later this week!
  3. I hope so too! I filed on 10th and anniversary is the 12 hopefully I’ll get scheduled soon 😕 with thanksgiving and Christmas that’s gonna slow down our appointments/oath
  4. It’s been pretty quiet the past week hopefully we’ll see appointment starting to appear soon for those getting to 1 month from anniversary
  5. Yeah but it’s odd that it’s only N-400, my other cases didn’t move
  6. Yeah same thing and when I try to re-add the case they want a code I don’t have im not sure what they messed up again
  7. I guess they prioritize people who are already eligible, which makes sense
  8. I wonder if when you get to <9 months is when it switches to your local office…
  9. Mine went down from 10 or 9 to 7, it's all over the place haha
  10. Thanks all for the answers and the google of the interview, I cannot remember if I saw people scheduled before their anniversary yet but hoping to see it happen for us now that I know it's possible!!!
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