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  1. Actually, this was pretty fast in Warsaw. Interview was in Wednesday, and we've already collected them back with visa on 4pm Friday. Good luck everyone on this long and hard journey!
  2. Humble update, so we've got Hungary Schengen visa and scheduled appointment on November 29th in Warsaw. Sadly our medical was postponed due to various reasons until 27th. And Larisa needed one day to get to the embassy as there is no direct flight from Warsaw. Doctor did help us and sent medical directly to the embassy so she didn't have to pick it up next day (her flight was at 5am that day and I-693 is ready at noon next day in Moscow). I've been in communication with the embassy and they also approved such I-693 transmittal. Yesterday she had an interview, I don't have all the details yet, but they did hold her passport.
  3. Hello, everyone. My case is ready as well. I remember years ago you had to fill DS-160 and after fee they would allow you to select the date. But now apparently I had to fill DS-160 and schedule interview in Warsaw consulate separately. So far I was asked to pay fee (approx 250USD\person) only at interview scheduling. Interview arranged to Nov 29th. Good luck to everyone.
  4. Thank you for the advise. I've thought that Invoice number is needed to pay the fee. Anyway I've made the same requests directly to NVC and Warsaw consultate.
  5. Hello, everyone. On October 10th, I've received the letter from NVC regarding our case being shipped to Warsaw consulate. This letter did include NVC case number as well. Now, I'm sort of puzzled: 1) I've received new case number but no Invoice ID number to login into the system Can't login to CEAC. 2) Our consulate is in Warsaw, Poland, but my fiancé is Russian, right now there are restrictions on visas and border crossings due to war related sanctions (or at least that's what I've heard). Should I request a case transfer to another country?
  6. Hello, everyone, my case was finally approved today after 400+ days and RFIE. I wish all the best for everyone who is still waiting for NOA2 or already moved for waiting in NVC. We will do it! RFE: Apart my handwritten cover letter I've sent my bank account papers that I've wired money to my fiance, 12 (twelve!) letters from my friends and family, our hotel papers from our trip, 20 photos from 3 years period and 10 screenshots from Whatsapp of our conversations from difrerent periods dated from 2019. I'm extremly happy, but have no idea what to do next
  7. Hello, everyone, I was reading this thread a lot but didn't post anything. Today I've got RFE (NOA1 from July, 11th 2022). That's better than nothing I guess
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