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  1. Tim y

    K1 or CR1

    Ya they sure are I found out from the attorney that did the divorce the legal custody part wasn’t addressed because it needs to come from the Philippines court. Also they explained it needs to be done closer to the interview. So bummer there. At the time I file for the I130 is that when I should file for the CR2 /K2?
  2. Tim y

    K1 or CR1

    They are working on passports now. Dad lives in Manila and the kids are in Cebu. He signed the divorce papers and I think he gave up custody with those papers. The plan is for them to stay in Cebu until the visas are done.
  3. Tim y

    K1 or CR1

    They live in the Philippines with my Fiancé parents. Dad hasn’t been in their lives at all for 9 years.
  4. Tim y

    K1 or CR1

    That’s great advice. I think she did but I will make sure. I’ll post what I find out. thank you Tim
  5. Tim y

    K1 or CR1

    Yes she was. She is completing her divorce in Hong Kong now. It should be done in a month. Her ex is okay with her bringing them to the IS. Any advice on that would be appreciated. Thabks, Tim
  6. Tim y

    K1 or CR1

    They are 9 and 12
  7. Tim y

    K1 or CR1

    Hello everyone, I have been researching my situation a lot and need some help. My Fiancé is Filipino and she has been working in Hong Kong for 6 years. She has 2 children that we would also like to bring to the US. From what I can tell the K1 is a good option for this however we want to go through the embassy in Hong Kong because the wait time in Hong Kong is less and that is where she lives. My understanding is when a K2 is applied for the children the embassy will want to move her case to Manila. With a CR1 she can travel back to the Philippines right away after coming to the US. I would rather here leave Hong Kong and bring them through the POE with her all in 1 trip due to travel costs. any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks Tim
  8. Thank you for your reply. It is legal now in the Philippines to obtain a divorce if the spouse is a not from the Philippines (Foreigner spouse) If a divorce is done in another country but it may not have been then. This is good info anyway. Now I am worried about them not issuing a CEMAR that even shows the one marriage.
  9. I have seen it here too. Definitely not willing to lie about religion. Haha
  10. Ya I am willing to wait if I had to and I am very familiar with government process there. She lives in Hong Kong and has for over 5 years so I don’t see how divorcing there is a short cut. As long as it isn’t breaking rules and in the visa application everything is disclosed I don’t see the problem. If she really wants an annulment that can be done from the US as easily as from Hong Kong. I totally agree with the find another one but just as you said the heart wants what the heart wants. Thanks for your input. Cheers
  11. Thanks. Ya I knew she won’t be able to change her name on her passport so with the divorce she will not change her name. My guess is by the time she can get dual citizenship divorce will be legal. If not still no big deal. I just don’t want to wait for an annulment for the visa since this other option is faster. thanks again everyone
  12. That is such good news. I have paid consolidation fees to two immigration attorneys and no one knew. I knew more then them. You are my hero. Thank you sooooo much.
  13. Okay so the CEMAR will show her not single and married once. My question is will the US embassy accept the divorce decree from Hong Kong and still apply marriage benefits for a visa to the Us?
  14. Thank you for your reply. I have been hearing on other posts that a cenomar stating single status is required at the embassy interview. The only way to obtain that at this time is an annulment of marriage that is very expensive and can take up to 4 years. Maybe that doesn’t apply with a CR-1 visa. I am only familiar with K1 visas
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