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  1. The trick is sending them a email trough the website form or email, after 10 days another after 15 days requesting the Case number, They sleep on it you have to be on top of your application that's how we did it back in oct. We got it after emailing them next day, May of us got it that way.
  2. We might have plenty of time to collect all the money from now and then. The journey just began
  3. My sister is from dominican Republic, I am a US citizens, She is a teacher, Almost retiring. She has a good job.
  4. what a coincidence, My sister is from Dominican Republic
  5. Can we file for each form individually like the Work permit before the other forms? We might now have the whole package money to start right away. We will have to wait for a while.
  6. Where do I start with the Tourist visa? What paperwork do I need? Please help.
  7. Journey is over, Interview Monday 11 2- Monday 11 Turned from Application Received to Approved 3-Monday 18 The Update part of the CEAC changed to Monday 18 2024 4-Tuesday Morning AFrican eastern Time It turned to ISSUED. OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish all the January happy journey stick to it, your journey will be over
  8. I told you, They create within to weeks only if people get on top of it. Otherwise they will just forget about it. Now check the shipping dates to see when yours is going to be sent to the embassy.
  9. they came back to Months period. We wish it was like that for many of us. We had to wait for a long time.
  10. email NVC for your case number, do a public inquiry, usually can be done after two weeks of being approved
  11. Two weeks, after a week and two days send them a public inquiry asking for your case #
  12. Congrats, yesterday i saw your post and i said to myself hos NOA2 is close They always answer.
  13. send a public inquiry after two weeks requiring the case #
  14. Thank you, Hope your interview clears up soon. We finally on the last steps brother after so much time.
  15. December 26 packet 4 received, interview scheduled for march 11. We are very happy! Guys wait your moment will come.
  16. How many days since you Got NOA2? you should make an public inquiry right away for your case number and another one two weeks after your NOA 2 and they will give you your Case number
  17. At anytime they will be sending you the approval, for december filers is about a year, fo january and feb it was faster because they sped up the proccess
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