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  1. Good day to everyone,

    I want to transfer my case from Ghana, which country will you guys suggest. 


    1. serious2


      South Africa

    2. JeanneAdil


      you do not get to just transfer embassy to embassy

      no embassy shopping

      if you live as a permanent resident in a country,   you can ask the embassy if they will accept your case'

      otherwise ,  u interview in your own country

  2. I believe between July and August 2022 your interview date will drop
  3. Get married and file for i130, that's your best bet...
  4. I just told you, they are working on june and July 2020
  5. Not sure anymore, we tort they were working between june and July 2020 but I just had someone in November 2020 went for his interview, not sure if its because of the person's priority date, we are all confused...
  6. I think you should file for i130 that's the best way to go, the wait process in Ghana is crazy,
  7. @eatright1I think you should have your interview date by June or July 2022... May 2022 is already scheduled for July 2020 so just stay patient for a little while you're almost there... And when you have your interview date please update us so we know what's going on there...
  8. It does happen, two of my friends got thier visas the same day, one received his passport in a week the other received it after one month, that's what they do you can't understand them.. But my question is when were you DQed?
  9. @bunky623 with her speaking only Twi, I think you can call the embassy here to find out how to go around this situation ahead of time, hopefully they might give you some insight on how to work that out...
  10. @bunky623I'm not an expert though but ones they were not approved at the same time I believe the woman will go for her interview b4 the man does, I've seen such situation b4... And with the interview date Chale no one knows oooo...
  11. @BEZthx, but I also heard one could be granted visa without any interview, how true is this ?
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