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  1. My original application lists my email, but I have moved a couple of times since 2020 and have a new address. I am wondering how the interview request will be sent. I was DQ 4/2021, so I know that my interview invite should be coming soon. Please what dates are they currently working with. I am filing an Ir-5 for my mom. I am so anxious with the lack of updates and feel like I may have missed some communication.
  2. No, you don't need the visa. Just let the airlines know that you have both passports and can access each country. If you do it like I previously stated, none of the country border officials will need to see a visa either. If you have a valid Ghanaian passport, you shouldn't need a visa to enter or exit Ghana. Make sure that your passport isn't expired. If it is, you will need to renew it with the consulates. The dual citizen card is incredibly hard to acquire. I tried to apply years ago and learned they hardly issue it.
  3. As a dual citizen, I present my Ghana Passport or card in Ghana when I enter and leave Ghana in the airport. I present American passport when in the American and layover airport. I present both passports to the airline because they will ask for visas. There has never been an issue.
  4. I meet my boyfriend in 2018 while living in Ghana. We are planning the wedding for Dec 2022 and have seen each other multiple times over the past 4 years. Which visa process is easy and fastest? I am hoping to start planning a family 2 years before I am 30 and want him here in the states by then. Should we get officially married in December or just wait till he moves to the states? Can we have a ceremony then do the K1 visa? Is the k3 or IR1 visa faster?
  5. So, I filed for my mother and the priority date was 6/2020 and DQ by NVC was 04/2021. That means she won't get an interview for another year? Also, I am very new to the process and was wondering if you guys have recommendations for visa people in Ghana. I want to be able to have someone else handle all of this. I feel like I am missing steps and information. Also, when the embassy sends NVC the appointment approval, how much time do you have between the notification and interview and even approval to come to the states
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