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  1. I have supported him, I have been working with my illness. Unfortunately, with all my medical issues, we have had to prioritize our finances, we pay my medical needs first, then bills, rent, and whatever is left over goes to cost of living expenses. He has not worked this whole time, just taken care of me, my family has helped alot too, we have proof of all of that. We except that they will require more proof, which we have in spades, just want to make sure all of our basis are covered before we file. He has been here the entire time, he has not worked, or left the country, and has resided with me in our home.
  2. Good Morning All, I have a few quick questions in regards to my husbands AOS. I want to let you guys know right off the bat it has been awhile since he came to the US, like 2008. We applied, he came over, we got married in 2008, and then I got diagnosed with a major illness. Much to say we did not apply for his AOS, due to my health. Throughout this time he has not worked, been out of the country, etc. We can now file, but I need to know what forms I am going to need to submit, and if there is a possibility that due to the long time since he entered the country if we will have any problems. I really do not want to loose my husband, due to me getting really ill, and us not being able to file. Any help would be great, we are going to file as soon as I know which forms to fill out. I thank you all for your help in this matter. Kind Regards, Shawna & Chris