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  1. 11 minutes ago, Nat Dan said:

    Is it true we need Covid vaccine to schedule medical appointment? I thought k 1 is not required until u come here to adjust visa

    Yes. COVID vaccine is needed for immigrant visa. I’ve seen conflicting info online for k1 since it is both NIV but with immigrant intent. I think it depends on the embassy/consulate involved. Would check with them to be sure. 


  2. 43 minutes ago, Milenaarmstrong said:

    Today NVC respond an inquiry I sent on 11/18/22 with my case number 🥳🙏🏽

    Status: at NVC 


    NOA1: 07/13/21

    NOA2: 09/09/22

    Case got to NVC: 10/20/22

    Case number: 11/29/22

    I also got my case number today, nvcexpedite responded yesterday that they would forward my expedite request to the consulate (I really only emailed them for info/case number, didn’t make a formal expedite request), and today they replied and said the consulate would not accept the case yet, with the case number in the subject line. So at least I have a case number lol. And it appears to have been created 11/21/22. Noa2 was 9/13/22

  3. On 10/14/2022 at 11:59 PM, GG & SG said:

    NOA2 09/13/22.

    Sent email to NVCResearch@state.gov on Tuesday 10/11. Received response today:


    Dear Sir/Madam:


    The National Visa Center (NVC) has received your petition and will send detailed instructions to the petitioner, principal applicant, and attorney of record (if applicable) soon.


    To make sure your private information stays protected, send future inquiries and attachments using the Public Inquiry form only. You can find it at https://nvc.state.gov/inquiry.


    Remember, you must provide privacy information to receive case specific information.  Please limit your inquiry to one case per submission.





    Ellen | Inquiry Management

    Department of State CA/VO/DO/NVC

    LDRM | DTSV | Contractor

    DOS - National Visa Center




    I received this message last night. Had emailed nvcresearch Friday. Noa2 9/13/2022

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