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  1. Thank you very much for the help, do I need to submit my birth certificate as well? But is the beneficiary birth certificate required when filing the i129f?
  2. Hello everyone, im filling the I-129f, question 49.a “your beneficiary name and address in his native alphabet” Arabic is not supported in the file, and my fiancée is not living in his country, he’s living abroad, so in this case should he write his address in his native country or the address where he lives now?
  3. Until then I will try to solve the issue with child’s mother, but what I worry about is the K-1 visa for now, we want to marry asap, so will that complicate the visa process?
  4. Hello everyone, im applying for the K1, I have to enter my child’s name and details, however I don’t know how exactly the details of child are written in English in the passport because I don’t have a copy of his passport, the mother of the child doesn’t cooperate. I’m not going to take the child with me, I never lived with the child, and never paid any support because the mother doesn’t want anything and she doesn’t want me to contact them. I only have a copy of the birth certificate, and I don’t possess the original. Since I’m not going to take the child with me, and I’m not able to reach to the mother regarding any documents, will that affect me in anyway of getting the K-1? And what documents they can ask for?
  5. Before the war, that was the last time he spoke her.
  6. We wanted to do the cr1 my fiancé even planed to do the ceremony in Rome, but my family won’t be able to come, so we decided to do k1 and do the ceremony in the US! but out of curiosity, why would you suggest us to do the cr1?
  7. You’re right, he called the police in Ukraine and they refused to help, he called the court and lawyers, they advised him to come to Ukraine and do test, he was going to go this month but the war started. and she seems like afraid of the consequences, and the weird thing, she never asked for any support and she even refused taking it, when my fiancé gave her some money before he left Ukraine. but my question is, how should we proceed now with the K1? How the child will affect the k1 process? After my fiancé gets his k1 then we’ll still continue with court and the DNA test
  8. Now I understand that, but I’m wondering in what way this will affect the k1 process. min the I129 form, thry don’t ask a lot of questions about the child. what kind of documents they will ask for ? Because my fiancé doesn’t have the birth certificate of the child and doesn’t have a contact with the mother.
  9. Thank you very much for the response however, what I don’t understand now, if we are not going to apply for K2, why the child has to be included in household size? And after my fiancé do the dna test, and he proof that he’s not the father, will the child still be in the household? can the mother affect our relationship or the k1 process in anyway?
  10. The mother reached out to him in 2019 told him that it wasn’t his kid and she kinda apologized for that, and asked him to send a document to forfeit the rights and remove the kid from his name. IDK if he should tell the whole story at the interview. And yes I don’t want to apply for K2, so if only K1 then they shouldn’t ask a lot about the child?
  11. What do you mean by support the baby? Do you mean that the US government will ask him to support the child, and no child is not his, but the case is still on hold due to the war in Ukraine at the moment. He doesn’t know the current address of the child and his mother. If he doesn’t provide the birth certificate of the child will that cause any problems for my fiancé getting the k1 or the petition get denied?
  12. Do you know if the kid will still get K2 visa, because I don’t want to make K2 visa for the kid, especially when it’s not my fiancé’s kid and is the mother of the kid will get any kind of visa? Thank you
  13. Yes he signed, and 1 year later she told him that she is not his daughter. He was going to go to Ukraine to do DNA TEST but due to the situation, everything is canceled now. so what should he answer?
  14. Yes he signed, and 1 year later she told him that she is not his daughter. He was going to go to Ukraine to do DNA TEST but due to the situation, everything is canceled now. so what should he answer?
  15. My BF is from Morocco, he lived in Ukraine and now he’s living in Germany with a refugee status, working as an engineer. He’s on the birth certificate of the kid and still trying to remove his name. He doesn’t know where the kid is living now and hasn’t any contact with mother.
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