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  1. Hello, I'm the beneficiary and I would like to write a letter of proof of relationship, I wrote intent to marry letter, but I would like to add another letter explaining how I met my fiancé, where can I find a sample, and what's the title of the letter should be?
  2. Hello again, I'm wondering, whether I need to write a middle name? we don't have have middle names from where I am. Should I put my father's name instead? or I put N/A? I appreciate your help.
  3. Hello, As a beneficiary, should I write a separate letter of intent to marry with my signature? or it has to be one letter with both signature? and should I write another letter explaining our meeting etc..?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm filling the form I-129f, and there are some question that I'm not sure how to answer them, I would appreciate your advice with the following questions: we don't have zip code or province in the addresses here, should I answer N/A to that? question 38.e passport number, should I provide the passport number even if I never been to the US? thank you in advance
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