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  1. I am ready to submit our I-485. My new wife entered the country with K1 Visa. Am I reading the instructions correctly that there is no fee for the I-131 for Advance Parole, IF it is submitted with the I-485 and I pay the I-485 and Biometics fee ($1,225)? Thanks!
  2. Today I was notified by the Embassy in Kiev that my finance can schedule her interview. We have the DS-160 for her an her son ready to submit. My question is regarding the Consular Fee. Can I pay this fee from the USA or does she have to pay it in Ukraine? Thanks in advance for your input.
  3. Does anyone have any input on the value of going with your finance to her Embassy interview? Thanks in advance for your input!
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    Background Check for Finance

    Thank you for your responses
  5. Hi. My I-129 was approved and now awaiting an interview for my finance in Kiev. My finance lived in the USA for 3 years from 1995-1998. She was not married to an American, she was here under different circumstances. She returned to Ukraine after 3 years. Do I need to obtain a criminal background for her to show there were no issues when she lived here? If so, where do I obtain it? She does have an old SSN as she did have permission to work while living here. Thanks!
  6. Very sorry to read about your situation. Take it for what is is worth, it is only my opinion. I do not think counseling would work. There are several reasons for that, the biggest is cultural. I do not think it is a medical issue either, otherwise she would be seeking out help because she should want to be intimate with you and very upset that she is not able to be. I did not get that from your post. Her attitude, not her words are what you need to be putting your thoughts into. I would become very familiar with the divorce rules in your state. For example in California they have two types of marriages, long-term and short-term. Needless to say the financial impact when the marriage is long-term is significantly more. I think you need to understand what your options are. I understand the investment in time and you wanting to make it work. However, it takes to willing parties to make it work. Julie Roberts is not going to date me no matter how long I hold out for her. It seems at this point, to me, it would be hard to think she would change. Yes, it is probably extremely likely she is in it only for the green card. If that is her goal then you can not put any faith in anything she says or does. If you think things will get better especially after she gets a green card, I think that is naive. You're still a young guy. There is still time to have kids and plenty of wonderful family oriented ladies out there who are looking to meet you. You can never be 100% sure about someone new, but I think if you are honest with yourself you will understand that you can be 100% about your present situation. The longer you wait, the more expensive and painful it will become. Once she finds out your serious about a divorce it is likely she will put on a different attitude, maybe even try to get pregnant and trap you. Not saying that is what she is going to do, just be aware that you are not able to consider all of things she may do. Just be sure if you decide to divorce, don't look back. I would even get a separate apartment. Another nightmare is that she threatens to make a claim of abuse against you. That my friend can ruin your life, you are guilty until proven innocent and that is not so easy to do. Don't mean to be negative but you always must aware of what your options are. If she has other friends of acquaintances from her country they collaborate on how to get what they want. Don't be foolish to believe she has few options and you are in complete control. Good luck!