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  1. Hi everyone, had my Oath Ceremony today. My husband and daughter were with me, but no phones were allowed in the building , only regular cameras. there were about 50 people at the same time, everything took about 40 mins. Wish all who is still on this journey and who finished with it good luck and happiness in your lives guys!!!❤️
  2. Thank you!!I just got my Oath date, June 28th!!!🤞🙌🍾
  3. Hi everyone, just had my interview N400 and Pending I751 . Everything went easy and nice. Officer was really nice person and kept joking , i did not feel as this interview at all, like we were hang out with a friend. My husband attended to the interview with me. Officer said it shows a lot especially when it based on 3y marriage to US Citizen. He asked 6 Civil Questions and asked to write and read out loud 1 sentence. Asked about our marriage standard questions, when we met , how we met, what year we got married, how many kids together we have. Did not ask any documents we submitted. Only asked for my passport and GC. Since I have minor kid whose I751A also pending he said i give you letter of your N400 Aprovval but will hold on it until we figure out with your kid's pending petition of RC. He said it needs to be done before I become a US Citizen to not complicate case for my kid. Thank you ALL guys for your support and wishes. I will update my case as it goes. Wish you all have a luck with your interviews!!!!!
  4. Thank you so much!!!🙌I will tell you guys how it went🙌🤞
  5. Thank you so much very helpful!!!!I am so happy for you guys!!!!Congratulations again!
  6. Congratulations!!!!!please tell me more If you can, I will have my interview on Thursday, this week. What did they ask about 751 petition?what documents did you bring for 751??I have same case as u if I can say it...pending I751 September 2020 and N 400 filed in October 2021. I was thinking take all I submitted for 751 and N400. Did you take any additional documents? Did officer asked you additional questions about form 400 or just Civic test questions. THANKS A LOT !AND CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!!!!!🎉
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