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  1. Marriage based AOS October 10th, 2021 - overnighted package I-485 I-130 I-131 I-765 October 11th - received at Chicago Lockbox October 13th - Congresswoman notified me that husband’s case was accepted the day before and was on its way to NBC and gave me all the receipt numbers for the package in her email October 14th - Online Account notices and information were sent October 18th - received all the notices for I-485 I-130 I-131 I-765 in the mail October 21st - received the online account access codes and set up information in the mail. Upon signing up all the case statuses say the same “Case Was Received And A Receipt Notice Was Sent” dated to October 11th. Hoping biometrics comes soon 🤞🏻
  2. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Let me clarify. We met in person November 21st 2020. Found out I was pregnant December 25th 2020 Married February 9th 2021 Had Clio August 19th 2021 at 38 weeks pregnant and yes I am positive she is his child. sorry if I was confusing 😁
  3. We filled out questionnaire paperwork sent to us by the attorney online and she said she would use the information we put into the questionnaires to fill in the paperwork to send in. She only sent us the pages we needed to have signatures on electronically and we signed them and faxed them back. We thought that since we filled out all the information it would all be filled in correctly. Yes in hindsight I should’ve asked after the first rejection notice to look over the papers that were sent In but when I was told that they had sent them to the Chicago lockbox the first time was literally 5 hours after I gave birth (7 weeks ago) and I have been juggling a 2 year old and a new born since then with postpartum depression and I have not exactly been thinking logically.
  4. I just got notice from the congresswoman this morning that the package was accepted yesterday and she provided me with all the receipt numbers for each form and that his case is now being transferred to the National Benefits Center for review. Her director of constituent services said that he will wait a couple of weeks to make an inquiry until it arrives at the NBC and will let me know when he has another update on my husband’s case. That’s progress I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Well I guess if it’s wasting their time then he would’ve let me know instead of bothering to follow through with it after talking with me and knowing all of the details. Do you know of a form I-944?
  6. I truly don’t know. I just reached out. Someone at her office that handles immigration matters said he was going to inquire about what was going on to have them denied so many times and find a receipt number for my most recent filing because my attorney never shares them with me.
  7. I just read over the agreement I signed at the beginning of our services with her and apparently my flat fee with her $2500 is nonrefundable. And there may be accrued interest for time spent that I’m not aware of for resending the packages and FedExing them again and again and having their paralegal and assistants go over the packages if I’m reading the agreement correctly. So it’s seeming kind of scammy like they’re messing up on purpose so they can accrue time spent money or something. Idk. Maybe im reading into it but it seems like I’m going to be spending more money than I originally thought. i also thought it was weird when she said file online and through mail? I thought maybe I heard her wrong because I don’t know why you would file twice. Especially because she seemed against filing online because “it loses the full picture of your story”
  8. If I fire her can I get my fees I paid her back 😅 and will she give me the money for the forms I need to file back? That was so much money and I can’t afford to just throw it away. I’ve had such sketchy feelings about her since the beginning and especially since it took so long to get the package together and sent and it was returned but I kept thinking we needed an attorney since we had such little evidence of our relationship.
  9. A little background for no reason. My husband came to the US at the end of November of 2020 on the VWP from Australia and by Christmas... found out I was pregnant. So we decided to get married and he adjust status after consulting multiple attorneys for advice. This was the first time we had met in person after two years of an online relationship and naturally we are worried about how our case will be received because of how little evidence we have of a "true" relationship together. We had to get an attorney on short notice and just went with the first one to take our case that would do it the fastest and by fastest that still meant a super long wait. He was supposed to leave February 18th 2021. We were married February 9th 2021 and we were notified by the attorney that they filed the first package while I was at the hospital having just given birth on August 19th 2021. I don't hear from the attorney again until the day before I receive a rejection notice in the mail for the "address field was not completed" and the entire package that was filed is being returned and had to be refiled. Well my attorney says to me that they have proof that they had three people go over the papers before sending it and everything was correct. So they send it again. I don't hear from her again and then the September 17th I receive another rejection notice for "Address field" again. But my attorney states that they were sent back the package with it saying a page was missing but it was actually out of order so they were going to resubmit it with a letter to the IO AND a flash drive with a copy of the paperwork on it and the paper package. Then I get another call the other day from my attorney saying that the package was returned again. Because a page was missing again but when it was sent back it was sent back out of order? I have yet to receive the rejection notice in the mail yet so I don't know if it says "Address Field" again but my attorney says that she is going to file online and by mail but online is bad because it "doesn't tell the full story"? and that she called and waited hours to talk to USCIS and see what was going on because she is frustrated and she has heard from other attorney friends that this is happening to their clients as well. Is this happening to anyone else or is this just me and my attorney is making mistakes? My husband is overstaying WAYYYY past and he needs this submitted now. I contacted our local Congresswoman and she is submitting an inquiry on my behalf so we will see what she gets back from the Chicago lockbox on why they keep being returned I guess. Sorry for the long post.
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