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  1. I have alot of questions regarding citizenship for my wife and step daughter. Can someone please break down the process for a child becoming a citizen? My situation is alittle complicated but we are trying to do this before she turns 18. (she is 16 yr. now) My wife and step daughter have been permanent residents for 3 years as of March 2013. They are now eligible to file for Naturalization. When we removed the conditions for my wife and step daughter, my step daughter's green card came back with an incorrect birth year. We then sent a I-90 form, as it was an error of the USCIS, and we just received the response stating that the error was not theirs and the information they have is 'correct' based on what we have submitted. This is FALSE. I have records of everything we have submitted. At our INFOPASS appointment, they said in the system her birth year is 1977 instead of 1997. They said that we would need to submit a new I-90 and pay $450 to have the green card corrected. This is outrageous! Her birth year was correct on all documents including her conditional permanent resident card, but once we removed conditions, it was incorrect and is incorrect in the USCIS system. We then thought that it was be cheaper if we just used the money and start the process for naturalization since we are now eligible. What is the process for my wife and step daughter to file for naturalization? Does my wife have to file a N-400, become naturalized then file an N-600 for her daughter (my step daughter)? (Her daughter is a permanent legal resident minor, now with an incorrect birth year on green card) Is it necessary to file an N-600 for my step daughter? She just turned 16, will we be able to do all this before she turns 18? Will my step daughter be able to become naturalized even though her green card has the incorrect birth year? Or do we need to fix that first, then file naturalization for her? We obviously want her correct birth year when she becomes a citizen. Sorry for so many questions. Any information is greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance!