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    Soul mates - different countries, different religions, different ages, different life experiences - but the same heart. God allowed us to find each other and to make the other whole.

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  1. Thought I'd update some info in case it is useful.....I don't remember really if I've said much before, but if someone takes the time to read this, perhaps it'll help.....


    I am much older than my husband but that has been a non-issue. We met each other in 2019 when I was in the middle of a divorce. I was on the language exchange app Tandem trying to improve my language skills to advance my career, especially since I was divorcing my ex husband and I would need additional income. I happened to "meet" my now-husband on that app. Actually, I didn't want to text/ talk to him at first, but then did. He had no plans to talk to me either really, but we were "matched" because, of all things, we had a mutual interest in Japanese. I am semi-fluent and was looking to connect to others, mostly Japanese natives, to practice. My now-hubbie was just starting to learn Japanese and was looking to speak with someone, anyone, to practice. Anyway, long story short, we met on Tandem and clicked. At first we were just friends. I actually flew to Morocco twice to meet him and see the country as a friend - my business requires me to travel a lot internationally so it was easy to add on a swing by Morocco. Then just before my divorce was to be finalized, we met a 3rd time and fell in love. But literally the week I was to return from Morocco and finalize my divorce within 2 days of my return, everything shut down in the USA. So my divorce was delayed months. But then it finished. And then my now-hubby and I decided to get engaged - remotely - and then file the K1 application process. With the help of an immigration lawyer.


    So here is a quick rundown of the timeline until now....

    - 129F submitted late September 2020 and officially recognized by USCIS early Oct 2020
    - RFE (request for additional evidence) mid June 2021
    - additional evidence submitted 10 days later
    - about July 7? 2021 USCIS approves and sends to NVC
    - NVC sends case to the Casablanca Consulate Aug 30, 2021
    - Oct 26, 2021 I escalate to my US (federal) Senator and Oct 27 or a bit later they contact Consulate
    - Nov 8 my fiancé receives a call from Consulate to schedule K1 interview and they agree on Nov 19 date
    - Nov 19 interview, goes well, verbally told “approved” but online status shows “ administrative processing”
    - Nov 19 to Nov 22. CEAC status is “admin processing”. Late Nov 22 changes to VISA “issued”
    - Nov 25?, 2021 K1 Visa in hand
    - Dec 5 arrive Chicago USA (after a short layover in JFK NYC)
    - Dec 10 get married
    - early Feb 2022, apply for adjustment of status
    - May or June 2022, husband gets SSN and EAD dual card (work permit card that also allows him to travel to Morocco, but only Morocco, if necessary)
    - Oct 2022 he gets his 2 yr Green Card
    - End of Nov 2022, he and I travel to Morocco to visit sick mother and take care of things like updating address and paying property taxes
    More info to come......
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