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  1. 10 year green card in hand....whew!

  2. Hi Sharee, I believe you were! Mine was on 6/20 of 2008. Your username seems familiar! Sorry I didn't see your message until now!

  3. well just waiting for approval now, gonna enjoy the summer and fall and not think about it!!! :) Happy Summer everyone!

  4. congrats on your bio date honey!!! xoxoxo

  5. Biometrics date set! woo hoo!

  6. hey hon! :) I hope your approval comes quickly! :) How's life? I hope things are great for you! xoxox We just filed.....can't believe it's been 3 years!! WHAT! lol

  7. hey sweetie! removing conditions like me I see!! YAY! :) Keep me posted how it's going! Hope everything is wonderful for you!!! xoxoxo

  8. NOA1 today....waiting on Biometrics!

  9. It's ok, you have time...don't stress! and yes! we can freak out together! I can't believe I've almost been here 3 years...what?! so crazy!!! :) Let me know when you file!! xo

  10. and the waiting begins...

  11. Hey sweetie! :) so nice to see your name! I hope you guys have been well!! Nick and I are doing pretty great, planning some nice trips and just getting our little house the way we want it. xoxoxo Hope your removal goes smoothly!! xoxo

  12. I finally sent in my I-751 lol better late than never!

    1. Sal and Jay

      Sal and Jay

      Hi Laura and Nick good luck with ROC, I am due to send mine on 28th. I hope all is well with you both. Sal xxx

    2. neal caffrey

      neal caffrey

      "i lost my i 94.. i have to renew it in septembre im currently 18 but when i applied for the i 94 i was a minor so i guess thats why i cant work but now i have the desire of getting a job and helping my family.. how can i get a new i 94 and a permit to work?

    3. neal caffrey

      neal caffrey

      im sorry i dont know how this web page works.. im trying to see where i can post my question or something

  13. time to file! putting the package together tomorrow!!!

  14. Got the reminder letter....ugh...I haven't even started preparing!

  15. Hi Sara! It's been a long time since I've spoken to you! I see that you guys broke up...I'm so sorry to hear that. Your true love is out there, I promise. Happy New Year to you!


  16. Very nice!! :) Good for you!

    I'm in Leadership at Whole Foods Market for just over 2 years now. Loving it! I have my license as well, we just bought our first house a few months back! Living the dream! No kids yet though! :)

    Keep in touch

  17. Just waiting for ROC in April :)

  18. Wow, been a long time since I've been on VJ....ROC in April! :) Happy Holidays all!

  19. Hey! :) Yes it has been quite a while! Nick and I are doing well! My 2 year green card expires in July of 2011 so I'll be apply early April. I haven't even thought about all I have to do but I figure I'll jump back on here! lol What about you sweetie? :) Write soon!

  20. I just wanted to stop by and wish you and Jay a very Merry Christmas!! I hope you are both well!!

  21. Stopped by to say hi and wish you happy holidays

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