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  1. I am currently at Telus health in Montreal , waiting for my turn. I’ll update everyone my experience
  2. You have enough time! I did it recently and it arrived the same week!
  3. Same here! Do you think we will receive ours in February? I hope so!
  4. Does anyone know when is the next IL will be sent out?
  5. I was DQ on dec 1... Hoping it won't take forever to get IL
  6. No no no! I uploaded the documents on Oct 18 but forgot to click “submit documents” until it was Friday Oct 21 xD . I did not add any additional documents, I just click on submit documents late lol
  7. DQ today!!! Finally!!! Soooo turned out my last submission was Oct 21 not Oct 18. I hope everyone gets DQ!
  8. Been doing this the whole day loool The wait is killing me but I don't want to be too optimistic since I got RFE 3 times
  9. Nothing so far, I think they send in batches in the evening. Hoping for tonight or at least by the end of this week.
  10. Keep us updated please! Best of luck and hoping we both get DQ today or tomorrow.
  11. Someone on lawfully got DQ yesterday (Oct 17) . that was quick.. I think i might hear something today or tomorrow. I am hoping I get DQ. praying for everyone.
  12. I am expecting to hear back this week as well! Oct 18 RFE
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