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  1. My fiance just received the 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine in Zagreb Coatia, they are allowing tourist to be vaccinated there. Going home tomorrow to Russia as I have a 3 year multi entry visa to Russia. Very smooth and process and many Russians going there! FYI

  2. It is not the Russians as they and the Americans do their political ####### for tat. I spoke to the Embassy at Moscow and they blamed the Russians for not allowing local hiring or limiting it. Was told if I had any solutions to send them in, so I did. I worked until I retired in Sacramento and met many wonderful prople from Russia and the Ukraine. All speak Russian, I am sure there are many young men and women that would love a job for 1,2 or 3 years at the Embassy. I submitted this as jobs are needed but heard nothing back!!!! I received a 3 year, multi entry visa from the Russian Embassy (3 weeks with limited staff) and now stay with my fiance most of the time in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I have no problem being an American in Russia, and all the people that I met and are friends with have no problem being Russian in America. Dont be blaming the Americans or the Russians its all political and the only losers are the people on both sides!
  3. My fiance talked to me today and said the border to Poland from Russis is closed! Even if you have a visa you cannot go to Poland at this time. As everything it could change though!
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