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  1. @FeDaniela hi fedaniela, i have a question, I thought that the receipt date for the i485 was the measuring stick to know the processing time for i485 process at your local uscis office, I did not know that the vawa approval date was a measuring stick to compare how long it takes to process the i485.
  2. can you please share how can I expedite an EAD process n the uscis website, which link or which page I have to go to expedite the process
  3. Hi when did you send your i485 to nyc office? when was your vawa approved? was the abuser a US citizen or resident?


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    2. MGJ_NY


      Yes ,I did. I just got an update from USCIS that my interview has been canceled and they are going to send me a notice. Hopefully I’ll get it on my address that was on my I360 and not on my old address when I filed my I485. How’s your case going?

    3. marcoisland777


      hopefully they will send it to your correct address,

      I am waiting for a rfe of medical exams, I sent my i485 on december 2018, queens is processing i485 from nov 2018 now, so I feel the good news will arrive soon, its been a long process, vawa approved on march 2020 abuser was usc

    4. MGJ_NY


      Yes, hoping to hear for our I485 approval soon. I’m wondering why was my interview canceled though 

  4. wow that was a quick reply, God is so good! so happy for you! God bless you, thanks for sharing and helping me
  5. Hi can you tell me how long did it take to you to get the i485 approval after you sent the ref for medicals? thanks for your best wishes, I am very happy for your approval
  6. God is good, thanks for replying! I am so happy for you! I feel that my i485 approval is coming soon, at the moment queens is processing i485 from october 28 2018 and I sent my i485 on december 2018, , my vawa was approved on march 2020 and my abuser was usc, I already wrote to my congressman and uscis reply to her was that uscis is processing the cases in first come first serve basis, that if I needed to speed up the process for a paricluar emergency I could write a letter to the head officer at queens uscis office, so that request probably speeded up the times and I know my case is at queens office, I hope I will receive the good news in the following days, God is good
  7. @jack182 congratulations this is awesome, I am so happy for you, can you please tell me when your vawa was approved, when you filed i485, which is your local office and if you were married to usc of lpr? did you receive rfe to send medical exams? or did they send you the green card straight to you with no interview and no sending medicals? my vawa was approved on march 2020 i sent i485 on december 2018, was married to usc, and my local office is queens which is currenly processing i485 for october 26 2018, so I feel my time is coming soon too! God is good, please let me know
  8. Thanks for your reply, I hope they waive your interview
  9. hello thanks for sharing your time line, could you please tell me when you filed the i485 and whats your local uscis field office, i sent i485 on december 2018, my field office is queens, my vawa was approved march 2020. congratulations! i hope they waive your interview
  10. hi @balo101 does the i485 processing time at nyc starts counting from the moment uscis received the i485 (receipt date) or the date vawa was approved?
  11. hi thanks for your reply, I see that oakland florida field office is processing i485 with date of september 20 2019, https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ do you know which is the date you should be watching for? is it the receipt date of your i485 and checking at the local uscis office processing time?
  12. hello which is your local uscis field office? my vawa was approved march 2020, sent i485 on december 2018, my local office is queens ny
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