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  1. I mailed both my K1 and K2 AOS in the same envelope, with 2 separate checks, on Oct 20 to the Chicago Lockbox. They cashed the K1 check and sent NOA1 on Nov 7. They still have not cashed the check I sent for my K2. So from what I'm reading is that it can take 30 days to cash that check even though they were sent together in the same envelope?
  2. I sent both k1 and k2 AOS forms together in same envelopes with separate checks and they only cashed the K1 AOS check. It's now going on a month and it still isn't cashed. Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else? Forms sent on Oct 20 and check for k1 cashed on Nov 8.
  3. *Update: I just received 3 texts today 11/7/23, that paperwork was received. My check still hasn't been cashed though.
  4. Yes, we did the same thing you did and received a SSN with the same notation written on it.
  5. I mailed mine on Oct 20 and it was delivered by USPS on Oct 23 to the Chicago lockbox. I paid by personal check and still no update and the check has not been cashed.
  6. And where's that thread so I can "learn the basics?" Also, the last half of your sentence doesn't make any sense. Are you trying to help or be a smartoff?
  7. It's been 22 days since I mailed my package and I've not received a notice of receipt. I paid with personal check for both my K1 and K2. Anyone know how long it takes? Who do I contact?
  8. I got this error yesterday and all day today. What do we do and who do we contact to fix this?
  9. I am trying to fill out the DS160 and I have gotten all the way to upload photo. It will not allow me to upload one. It keeps giving me a Service Unavailable error. I have been trying since yesterday. I have tried clearing cache and cookies, using an incognito browser, closing the window and reopening and nothing works. I have tried Firefox and Google Chrome and still no luck! Anyone else having this issue? Can someone please give me some advice on what to do or who to contact to fix this? I have tried also searching previous forums on this site and it appears that this has been happening since 2016.
  10. I understand now. Definitely reach out to the airline. They can verify this for you. It's their question and they have the power to deny or approve boarding the plane.
  11. If they are traveling on the I-134A it would require a visa. I would contact the airlines and see if this qualifies.
  12. I would look up what qualifies as a qualified immigrant visa because that is what I would choose.
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