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  1. I hope the best for you and i hope waiting times get shorter at your consulate. Hopefully at least we will be done with the first step soon.
  2. I am hoping by the time we are submitting documents, nvc is faster. My embassy will be ankara, turkey. It looks like they are scheduling in a couple of months right now. I hope it stays that way but you never know with immigration. It is really difficult:(. Wouldnt there be a way for you to get an interview sooner?
  3. Oh I see. I am really happy to see closer dates to ours but also running out of patience at this point. I hope you are hanging in there my friend! Hopefully we can move on to the next step in a couple of weeks.
  4. Did you see a nov 25th approval? Latest i saw on visajourney is nov 19th for regular texas cases
  5. Congrats @whiterabbitt! Good luck on the next steps. My PD is December 14, also at Texas, hoping for approval in the next few months.
  6. Hopefully you hear back soon. Please update us if you hear anything since our cases are 1-2 months after yours
  7. I totally agree. The wait is terrible. But yeah you should hopefully be approved soon!
  8. Unfortunately. We can keep this group updated and hope to see some late October, November approvals soon.
  9. My initial online notification said Nebraska but the paper NOA1 was from Texas. When I asked recently in the system, it said Texas again. So I am assuming my case has always been at Texas and that the initial online notification was just an error.
  10. Yes, I am hoping for a Fall approval, it seems like we have similar timelines. I am hoping that Texas Service Center doesnt slow down further
  11. thanks. This is a good idea. It seems like they are processing October right now (based on recent updates on visajourney.com) . My NOA 1 is December 31st, 2020 and no approvals yet.
  12. I am in a similar situation, we filed the i-130 10 months after moving back in my country. I-130 can take a couple of months or a year depending on the Service Center and the processing is not impacted by the two year residency rule. Once you get to the NVC stage, however, I believe there is a question related to the two year home residency requirement in DS260. Might not be a good idea to submit that before finishing the two years. But it will take a while to get to that point anyways. The only caviat is from my knowledge with an approved I-130, you are normally expected to apply for the immigrant visa within the next year, or would need to get in touch with NVC to explain the situation if you get your I-130 approved with more than a year left on the two year rule.
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