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  1. No, we submitted the beneficiary documents end of Aug. It took me a bit longer to gather my tax and joint sponsor docs, so we then submitted the rest on Sept. 8th.
  2. I don't remember exactly, but sometime at the end of August. Maybe around Aug. 25th. Sept. 8th was just the last file we uploaded and hit submit.
  3. We are added to the back of the line. Just got DQ'ed on Dec. 7th. Luckily I'm with my spouse in India, but hoping it is for less than another year. After 12 years in India, I'm really ready to move back home! I miss my family and friends. I read somewhere that they cleared a lot of 2020 backlog in Jan-March of this year, so I'm hoping they clear some 2021 backlog in the beginning of this next year!
  4. Just got DQ an hour ago! Last documents submitted Sept. 8th.
  5. Sorry to hear about the RFE. Our last doc was submitted Sept. 8th, so this is hopeful that we are getting very close. I'm also self-employed and don't meet the income requirement and don't have W2 or 1099, so a bit nervous hearing your experience. I did upload bank statements, signed a letter stating my situation and have 2 join sponsors. Some people find they get reviewed quickly after an RFE and others back to the line. Hope yours is the former.
  6. Ah, found the September group. We submitted on Sept. 8th. Just saw people getting approved from Aug. 12 and 19th, so hopefully less than 4 weeks now!
  7. How can we join the telegram or facebook group?
  8. Hello everyone. I am the petitioner for my spouse and filling out the I-864, Part 6 number 24 a-c where it is asking for total income as reported on tax returns. For the last two years, my total income on my tax returns has been a negative number. For instance, last year my total business income was $30,000, but I live overseas and take the foreign income exclusion and lost some money in stocks. Because of this, on my 1040 line 9 where it states my total income, it was $-356. Now when I'm filling out the I-864 should I write the $30,000 or $-365? We have 2 joint sponsors, so I'm not so worried about the amounts being above the poverty line or not, just want to make sure I'm putting in the correct total income. Thanks for your help.
  9. Oh sorry...for my spouses IR1 in India. Our I-130 was approved and we are at NVC stage now. Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone. I read in a post that I can no longer find that someone recommended uploading proof of bonefide relationship documents to NVC. I'm wondering if this would be helpful, harmful or neither. There are a few "red flags" in our case (11 year age difference, different religions, etc...) and wondering if the proof we sent to USCIS to get approved would be helpful for the Consulate to have from NVC instead of waiting to ask for it at the interview and possibly getting a 221g. Thanks for your guidance.
  11. We did not yet submit. We've been on lockdown here in India and are currently waiting for the police clearance certificate, but once we do we'll fill it out according to @Chancy kind response.
  12. We finally made it to NVC! Except I'm finding these documents more confusing than USCIS... I am the petitioner and my permanent address is my parents house in the US. I don't make enough income to be the sole sponsor, so my parents are the joint sponsors. While my permanent address is still the US, my current physical address is in India. I have put both addresses on my I-864. For household size, it says on the form, "If you have siblings, parents or adult children with the same principal residence who are combining their income with yours by submitting Form I-864a, enter it here". Since I have the same permanent address as the joint sponsors does that mean they get counted in my household? Would they both fill out the I-864a? Or should I count my household as 2 (me and my spouse) and then my mother counts her household as 3 (mother, stepdad and my spouse) when doing her own I-864 and my stepdad does the I-864a? Thanks so much for the help. I'm sure I'll be back again soon with more questions.
  13. Yes, you're partially right. Except they aren't usually giving out 10 year tourist visas anymore. I've had multiple friends apply for 10 years and only get 5. Even when I applied for my X visa the officials said I'd probably only be approved for 2 years. They are moving away from the long-term visas, so you can apply for a 10 year tourist, but might not get that long. The other piece is that it's misrepresentation. If you are married to an Indian you are not supposed to be on a tourist visa. That's what the x-1 and x-2 visas are for. And the OP said, "We intend to live in India for a few years " so a tourist visa when you are intending to live there is definitely misrepresentation. And yes, you don't need to register with the FRO if you don't stay longer than 180 days, but it is so easy to register and free. Just send one form online, upload documents and they email you your residence permit and you can stay as long as your visa. It's also so much easier at immigration check points (airport + land borders) now with an X visa. I was taken to the back room for questioning twice when I was on a tourist visa because I was in the country for so long. Best to get on the correct visa and avoid any of those headaches, even if it is a bit more expensive.
  14. The Entry visa is not a multiple entry Tourist visa. I have had both after living in India over the last 11 years. The Entry visa is given to those who are Indian origin, but don't have an OCI card yet, those who are spouses of Indian citizens or those whose spouses are on employment, student or other type of long-term visa. Last year, I got a 5 year X-1 Entry visa and I am allowed to stay over 180 days, which I've already done during this trip. I also received a residence permit, which you can't do on a Tourist visa. You can see all the different visa categories on the attached document by the Ministry of Home Affairs. AnnexI_01022018.pdf
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