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  1. Hi @therek! We actually just got our packet 3 from the embassy in Madrid today, so thought I'd pop in and reply here. First off, we received it by email -- it specifically was e-mailed to me (the US citizen) instead of my fiancé for some reason, so make sure you're both on the lookout! The email will be arriving from "ivmadrid", so make sure it doesn't go to your spam or something. In the meantime, I 100% agree with the advice given by @JulijaKC ! Here's a basic list of what the embassy said you'll need to mail them for step 1 of packet 3, so I'd start getting that together while you wait (they'll have more details in the packet): 1. DS-160 (this is done online, we finished ours before we even got the packet) 2. Copy of biographic page of Passport 3. Birth Certificate (original and one copy) 4. Divorce and Death Certificates (original and one copy) (if applicable) 5. Police Certificates (original) -- from all countries the foreign fiancé has resided in for 6 months or more since the age of 16 -- the Spanish one is the "Certificado de Antecedentes Penales" - it says the current residence one must be no older than 1 year; we've gotten/are getting new ones for each country just to be safe 6. Court and Prison Records (original and one copy) (if applicable) 7. Military Records (original and one copy) (if applicable) 8. One photograph (a passport photo) 9. Evidence of Financial Support (I-134 form and associated things -- there are forums with more details about this on here ) 10. Translations (original and copy) -- they say here that you only need translations of any documents that aren't in English or Spanish, but we're going to get the Spanish documents translated into English just in case Then you take all of that and mail it to them by physical mail. Afterwards, they say they'll contact you to let you know you can schedule an interview appointment. Then you pay the application fee, schedule your interview, and schedule and do your medical. They also tell you what docs to bring to your interview. Yea, so in short, hold tight, wait for the e-mail, and get those docs mentioned above prepped. Feel free to message me if I can help with any questions and good luck! ❤️
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