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  1. First of all, congratulations to those who have received your approvals on your I-130s! I am a late June 2020 filer and I have yet to receive any update on my case on USCIS website. My spouse is a US Citizen and our case was assigned to Nebraska Service Center. It was later transferred to Potomac Service Center without any notification. To my understanding, they should have updated the case with a transfer notice but we never received anything via email, text, mail. and even under our USCIS account. We contacted them and they were not able to tell us exactly when was our case transferred or why was it transferred. All they said was, it was transferred probably around July 2020 and you should have received a notice BUT we never did. It has already been almost 8months and still the status has not changed since June 2020. My status still reflects "Case received and email notice was sent". And the officer told us that our case was actually opened for review sometime in August 2020 but then again, we never got any updates at all. Potomac has a much longer processing time compared to Nebraska which is 6-8months. I contacted them because I was not able to submit a case inquiry online when my PD was past due. It is very frustrating to be left in a limbo like that. I've seen multiple June 2020 filers at Nebraska Service Center (with a later PD than us) getting approvals and already at the NVC stage while here I am not knowing what to expect or do. I felt like we are being singled out and transferred for no apparent reason. If they can review cases with a much later PD than us, why was my case specifically transferred out? And why was there no transfer notice at all? If my case was opened and reviewed, why is there no update at all? I have seen on USCIS website that you can request for a expedite on your case if it is a clear USCIS error. Can anyone enlighten me if that is possible or share your similar experiences? I just feel this is very unfair treatment especially since I paid the fees and collate the documents/evidences just like everyone else. Thank you and God Bless.
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