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  1. So even before we had approval from USCIS i recieved a Yellow dream envalope lol Yes its been so long..and there is a date for an interview:)))I have mine on 17th of august in Moscow. So one of the papers was a list of Panel Physicians where i should have done my medical examination.There were 4 cliniques where actually i could do my exam.I choosed International Organisation for Migration(IOM) at 2nd Zvenigorodksya 12,1st entrance,Metro:1905Goda.The test cost me 80USD,even though the paper from embassy says its gonna be 85:))) I also did the vaccinations there for another 30usd.they charge 30usd no matter how many of them needed,depends on your age. So all together 110USD. They ask to bring 2 pictures 3X4cm sized,travel passport and an extract from your medical history with the list of vaccinations you have recieved,it also says that the document must include a doctor"s signature and a stamp. Actually for K1 they say you dont need vaccinations for sure but i still did it in case..and then i would need it anyway for adjustment of a status later.Also you will be asked for a number of your case which is on the invitation paper for the interview!do not forget this it is very important! I was very worried because My family was moving a lot from one place to another and my medical history was lost!But its not a big deal!They just gave me 2 injections at once and my arm is still sore lol So that is not a big deal with vaccination:) At this centre you need to make your appointment in advance on the phone (495)797-8723,i did it one day before:) All went very smoothly but still i had some surprise when i went for my check- they do not do the test at same place where they make you an appointement. I had to fill out 2 forms(you will need to know dates when you moved to russia if such has happened and you were not born in russia) they gave me and after i been sent with huge envalope to the other metro station "Planernaya"to the Soviet clinique lol...It is located just behind a metro,which is very convinient !So people do not panic!You will be sent on the 4th floor where some lady will take your papers and send you for a blood test.They check for HIV and sifilis-not sure about word in english. Then they send you in a long que for chest X-ray!lady sounds in a que very strickt but when you actually got to go for it she is very sweet:) after that i been sent to some doctor to listen to me he made me undress top:)))not that i was ashamed..loljust funny:))) and thats all it!I was very curious of my medical results but they told me envalope should be sealed for the interview,so i asked myself doctor if all was fine. The same day at 5 pm i was able to pick up results again at first place at "1905goda".They recieve documents and put in envelope and seal it so the stamp is on it.I asked that lady again if all tests are fine and she said yes. so all together is a bit stressful,but not painful..Haha i am lying my arm is still sore after 4 days of vaccination..lol So now i have envalope,huge x-ray and vaccination paper.I been told that x-ray will be needed on the board but not at the interview:)still thinking to take it with me though:)what you think? So that was it!all my story about medical examination! Will appreciate if you have some tips for my interview coming up on 17th of August!and ready to answer all possible questions about process i already went through:)