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  1. What if DS-260 was marked of, can I apply for an SSN right after I moved to the US? My husband will be transferring work and won’t have an employer insurance for a month. He was being asked for my SSN by a private insurance company so we have to do it as soon as possible when I arrive.
  2. Received the tracking number on Tuesday and I picked up the passport within an hour. Interview was wed last week.
  3. Still didn’t received my tracking number but case was “visa is in final processing”. Almost at the end!
  4. I have read the FAQ. It was just exactly the same as what I posted above. What I wanted to know what this really means. Am I really under AP? Or is it just a step prior to final processing.
  5. My status says issued but undergoing administrative processing. Does this mean it will really take weeks for them to send the passport with the visa? I wasn’t told anything about that yesterday, only my visa was approved.
  6. Where can you see this? Sorry I just can’t 😂
  7. Thank you!! Well they might send it to me along with my passport 😂 I even doubted if he really approved me. I thought.. so, I am not welcome to the US then?? 😂
  8. Just to add.. I wasn’t handed any welcome to the united states paper. I just thought of it while I was walking back to my hotel. Anyways, he said I was approved to in holding on to that 😂
  9. I got approved this morning. Interview was at 8am and was out in 2 hours. I got to the first window and was asked for my passport and gave me a number. You really have to pay attention to the monitor in the waiting area because it’ll flash your number. Then I was called to another window. Asked for my original documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, police clearance, and copies of my husband’s 1040 and W-2. I told the lady that I only got those 2 and she said it is totally fine as she only needed those 2. After that, I waited for about an hour and 30 mins or a little more. I was called to window 1 for the actual interview. I was asked the usual questions like: • who was the petitioner, where does he live? • when and where did you met? • do you have kids together? • where did you give birth and is she an American citizen? (Asked for my daughter’s CRBA) • what do you do for a living? • what does your husband do for a living (I told him my husband is a medical doctor so he asked me what specialization is he in) then he said.. wow! Nice field! I am approving your visa and expect to receive your passport within a week. I just spent less than 2 mins on the actual interview. It was so fast and the officer talked fast as well. I felt like we didn’t have time to breathe 😂. I am just so glad that our 14 years of long distance relationship is over. Thank you everyone for keeping me sane all throughout the process. All the tips were of big help. I am praying for everyone’s success. You guys are almost there, hang tight. All the best!
  10. Thank you so much! My anxiety is over the roof now as my interview will be next week. I feel like I still have a lot of things to do and I don’t know now what needs to be updated or what not.
  11. Has anyone here travelled to and back from the US after submitting DS-260? How did you go on about it? Do I have to have it opened to add my recent travel history? Or can I just bring it up during my interview?
  12. Also, did you only brought 1040 and W2? I read in the Facebook group to bring the return transcript. I’m getting so confused now here. Sorry..
  13. Thank you so much. I am actually going to take my husband’s most recent tax records. I was just confused if I needed to upload it or not. Thank you for your help!
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