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  1. Hello can i know your category please ????

  2. Yes, you have to show proof of receiving the vaccine starting October 1st. Before you attend your visa interview
  3. I am happy for you.i hope all goes well.

  4. I finally got my interview letter today also. Ir1 visa...Documentarily Quailfed since September 3,rd 2019
  5. I finally received visa interview for Haiti!!! 

    October 6th, 2021

    PD: May 13th,2018

    DQ:September 3rd, 2019


    Hopefully this gives anyone out there still waiting some hope!!! I know how you feel. 

    1. Ninie


      What category 

    2. Ninie



  6. Update: I finally received interview date for Haiti... October, 6th!!!!!! DQ September 3rd 2019
  7. Priority date: May 13th, 2018 DQ:September 3rd,2019 Visa Class:IR1 Waiting on interview in Haiti almost 22 months now
  8. Thank you so much @Wiseman2878 🙏🏾❤
  9. Wow the recent update from Haiti Embassy, about interviews has discouraged me again. Why cancel all interviews or stop processing completely 🙄 I already know it'll be 24 plus months now, before getting an interview with them. (SEPTEMBER 3RD will make 24 months for me) I'm just trying to stay calm until I have my baby in 2 weeks, and then I'll be ready to give them hell. Count me in for going forward with some kind of petition or contacting an activist to make these people do their jobs.
  10. Officially 21 months now (DQ SEPTEMBER 3rd 2019) waiting on interview in Haiti
  11. I'm in same boat as you @mjcharles69@gmail DQ since September 3rd, 2019.(20 months) waiting on interview. I've called & emailed, but nothing. Just being told to wait🙃 I was thinking about getting a lawyer also, but I said I would wait. If they make me wait 24 months, the 2 year mark to get an interview, Then ill definitely lawyer up. The wait is just crazy after being DQ for Haiti interview.
  12. I will definitely keep everyone updated!! Everything @Jacques'son stated is facts! CR1 will automatically fall into IR1 after 2 years of marriage. Thanks again for the information. I normally go every 2 months to Haiti to visit my husband, but I'm currently almost 8months pregnant, with our first baby and can't travel anymore. So I'm really just ready for him to get here and for this process to be over. Talk to you guys soon! Hopefully with an interview date🙏🏾
  13. Great information! Thank you! I'm IR1 too. We've been married over 3years, and waiting on a interview for almost 20 months. I've never tried calling the embassy of haiti only NVC, and they always tell me their waiting on Haiti to schedule interviews 🙃So I will definitely try calling the embassy now. Thanks again for that information.
  14. Tell me about it. It's sad& crazy!! Calling& doing inquires does nothing. I've wanted try expedite request, but if denied I heard they put you back even further so we're patiently waiting.
  15. Started the process May 2018...DQ September 2019....and still waiting on interview as of today.. Almost 20 months now.
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