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  1. Yes so, it's all normal once the NPL number switch to READY, go to the website and schedule your interview with consulate and pay the fee. You don't need to present NOA2, neither packet 3. You can find packet 3 online it's a document to download telling you what documents to bring to the interview
  2. It was approved but the mail has been lost during delivery probably. OK perfect i don't need the Form so I can schedule my interview 👌🏽 yayy Good luck
  3. It's mandatory to provide the USCIS approval notice to the US consulate during the interview? Because we did not receive it and we want to understand if we actually need it for this interview. The USCIS told us that we can wait to arrive instead of paying 400 dollars for a copy if the US consulate doesn't need it. Also in the packet 3 of the interview documents the approval notice form is not listed. Help please
  4. Hi, I see that WE HAVE THE SAME timeline from when THE case left NVC. How did you schedule your interview? Did you receive any letter from the consulate telling you to schedule the appointment? Because I haven't received any email from the consulate and they told to wait until they Wil send this email. Please reply because I'm struggling to understand if I can schedule my appointment or not. Thanks so much 

  5. No I waited a month and half from the time the Ceac status shows up Ready, without receiving email from the consulate to schedule my appointment.
  6. MARCO the fact is that the embassy tells me that I have to wait for their email or letter every time I call them. So I don't know what to do, I feel If I wait is just going to waste time. Did you schedule the appointment without their letter? Text me in private thanks
  7. They do but we actually have all the required case number and DS application done, so why should we wait? just a wait of more months waiting for nothing. its been a whole year and a month from the READY status . still nothing from the embassy.
  8. Can I schedule my k1 appointment if the CEAC status shows READY, without having received the letter from the consulate?
  9. I did not receive any NOA2 , I got the letter from the NVC just telling me that they approved the I129F and they were going to send it to the US Consulate in Naples, Italy. this happened on August 31. its October and I still did not receive any letter from the Consulate to schedule my appointment. Anyone knows something?
  10. Hi everyone, we filed the I129F on December 2020, got the NOA1 in february. we did not receive any USCIS NOA2 to inform us that the document was approved. we received directly the letter from NVC with our case number on August 31 2021 telling that they would forward the case to the embassy in Naples, Italy in several weeks. Its middle of October and I did not receive any email or letter from the embassyin Naples telling me that they received the case. In the meantime I already collected all documents and Ds160 filed. On the CEAC status it shows as NO STATUS. Can anyone help? Do you know if currently they are processing k1 visas in Naples?
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