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  1. I know this is something to ask from a lawyer but maybe someone here has actual information regarding this issue. I am currently waiting for my EAD and I was contacted by a company on Instagram who wants to send me free clothes. They said they label them as gifts and don’t expect anything other in return than if I choose to wear the clothes in my own Instagram posts, they would have a permission to share my pictures on their own Instagram account. I am mostly concerned whether this could be interpreted as work since basically I would be modeling for their products and the compensation for that would be those free items, even if I would primarily just wear the clothes in my own posts that I don’t get any money from. Since the company would be sharing my pictures to promote their products there is an expectation from the company that I would be doing something in return for the items, which means that the gift is actually not a gift anymore in the eyes of the IRS. Please note that I am not an “influencer” who would make any money with their current content. I’m just posting stuff that the company’s target audience follows so they were interested in sending me their clothes. I actually turned down their offer and said that I would contact them once I have my EAD because now it looks like we would be operating on a very grey area. I am too scared to risk anything for some free items but would like to know if someone had had first hand experience with a similar situation. Thank you.
  2. Thank you! I will look into different flight options. One reason why I would rather transfer in Europe than in the US is that I would have to take all of my belongings throught the security again in the US and I might fly with a lot of stuff which would be difficult to collect and handle alone. But I’ll definitely think about it. I left an envelope just in case since I wasn’t sure if they allow pick-ups at this time but glad to hear the processing time was so fast!
  3. Thanks! Good to hear you got a direct flight and everything went well! Unfortunately in my case there’s no direct flight (I’m going to Minneapolis) so I would have to fly to some other European country first. Hopefully that doesn’t bring any extra risks with it. 🤞 How long did it take for your fiancé to receive his passport after the interview? Did they send it to him in the mail or did he pick it up in person?
  4. Approved! 🥳 They said it currently takes 2-3 weeks to process the visa but it seems I might be able to leave before the end of the month. There seems to be some flights with convenient connections available, at least for now, so let’s hope they don’t get cancelled.
  5. Thanks! I just got 10 US size pictures so I wonder if I should go and get the Finnish size now 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wish someone at the hospital would have been able to tell. Thank you! And congrats for the approval! 🥳
  6. I have an interview scheduled for July 1! 🤩 They would have given a time for June 10 but my medical is booked on June 14 so I asked for a later date.
  7. Thanks, that part was clear but I was wondering about the photo size. I guess he took the US size and not the Finnish size pictures to the medical? The lady who scheduled my appointment for the medical was assuming that the pictures should be in Finnish passport size but I don't want to take any risks. Maybe I would have to bring both sizes, just to be sure.
  8. If you get a chance to ask him what type of passport photos he had to take to the medical that would be very helpful! I am talking about the 6 color photos for the medical appointment. When I booked the time the lady didn't know at all and when I asked the embassy about it they just answered that they require the 3 + 1 US sized photos, which I would have to take with me to the interview.
  9. Thank you so much! This part has been the most unclear so far. Even my friend who received instructions from the embassy couple of years ago couldn't remember whether she was contacted first or if she had been proactive in this step. I just didn't want to proceed with medical/interview booking if there are special instructions I am supposed to receive and documents that I need to gather that I am not yet aware of. For example, in the instructions she sent me they said that you would need 6 passport pictures for the medical appointment but I am not sure what the amount of pictures is nowadays. I also don't know if that is supposed to be American or Finnish sized photos etc... 😓 In any case, I have now contacted the embassy and asked what my next steps should be. Thanks for your reply, I have been very stressed out about this step because most embassies send a packet 3 to the applicants once they receive the case from NVC.
  10. Are there any other Finns who have received their NOA2 this year and are waiting for the interview? I wonder how fast the embassy would be contacting the applicants once they receive the case from NVC. Tomorrow it will be a week since the case got there and the case status has been "Ready" since Tuesday. I know that in the past people have been contacted quite soon so I wonder what the backlog is like now... 👀
  11. Thank you! He was studying here in Finland for 3 years and graduated last December. He didn't have US income during that time so now that he started working he only has couple of paycheck deposits on his new bank account. He hadn't filed for taxes either last year (also it is still unclear if he needs to submit that information for the embassy interview. Different embassies have different requirements, I guess) so all he would have to show is the employer's statement and couple of paychecks. I believe all of his savings were used for his living here in Finland and moving back to US so all he currently has is the money from his paychecks. Rationally thinking this should be enough but since this is the last step of the K1 visa process, we don't want to risk anything. Would there be any downsides if we asked his mother to sponsor as well? She gets $100,000 alimony a year and she would have documentations to prove it.
  12. Hi all, I am going through the supporting evidence requirements for the Affidavit of Support and one of them is a letter from the employer stating whether the work is temporary or permanent. My US fiancé started working at the end of March for a company that hired him through a contracting company. His work contract says it is "contract to hire", which means that for now the contract is for a one year of employment but they usually end up hiring the person as a permanent employee after that one year. He would be making $111,000 in a year, maybe a bit less during this year since he only started but still way more than what the minimum requirement for the sponsors are. Has anyone been in a similar situation and could tell us if the embassy would for some reason not accept him as a sponsor because the work contact doesn't say permanent? Also, is the tax refund info required only for self-employed sponsors? So in my fiancés case he would only need to submit his bank statements and a letter from his employer as evidence? Thank you!
  13. Thank you so much! That makes this process a bit easier! 😅
  14. I had sent them an email earlier asking about something and they responded the same day. However, I had another question which they then did not answer to but maybe you guys here know. So do I understand correctly that K1 visa holders are allowed to enter the US from Schengen Area without having to spend the 14 days somewhere else where there are no travel restrictions to the US?
  15. Thank you! My Finnish friend who went through the process couple of years ago said she only received emails as well. Hopefully the backlog isn’t bad and I will hear from the embassy soon!
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