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  1. I believe all AOS receipts come with an IOE number. I’d just like to know where mine will be processed.
  2. Submitted mine on March 11th. credit card payment taken: 22nd March. Receipt date: 14th March. i have an IOE number so I guess mines gone for electronic processing.
  3. Thanks for all of your responses, we will be living in Oklahoma. We have reached out again to the guidance counsellor and hopefully we should be able to transition him. Fingers crossed.
  4. Hopefully someone who may have been in a similar situation may be able to help. My son and I will be moving to the USA in Feb 2022. My son is 16 and has completed and passed his GCSE's and is currently attending college. My question is, will the US education system recognise GCSE's and give my son credits toward a high school diploma? Also what grade is my son likely to go into? Any help is welcomed. We have contacted the school department and they are unclear.
  5. Hi, I didn't receive an interview date. Once the NVC sent the package to the embassy and i was notified by letter I then went onto the website and scheduled my own date.
  6. Does anyone know how often the London embassy update their available appointments or what time of the day to check ?
  7. Hi, Give the NVC a call and ask for your case number and invoice number and they will provide these over the phone.
  8. yes literally we kept trying yesterday and I tried again today and it just worked. So strange!
  9. We are now at the NVC stage in the process and have contacted NVC for our case number and invoice number. When checking our case status on the NVC website it tells us to log into the CEAC website. So we input our case and invoice number where it asks and it states each time that it’s invalid. We’ve contacted the NVC twice to confirm the details they have provided us with are correct. My question is: are we only able to log in at the embassy stage? Is this why we’re having problems? Any advice would be great.
  10. We contacted the NVC yesterday and they received my package on 18th May they haven’t given us a case number yet
  11. We had our arrival arrive yesterday and online it stated our petition was approved on the 6th, so we received notice in 6 days.
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