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  1. Update: hubby made it through POE and I pick him up from the airport in an hour!
  2. I understand your worry. Our interview was only two weeks notice as well. When we called for medical, they prioritized and gave us an appointment three days before the interview after we gave them our interview date. You've tried and they don't have availability, and you gave them your interview date? You need the medical results at the interview with you.
  3. You can find my detailed explanation of how to do the Utah Online marriage process here: All of the links are in there too.
  4. While the denied B1/B2 and K1 may not directly affect each other or the future CR1, if they denied based on any impression of her misrepresenting herself or small lies of any kind, she can be denied in any future visa applications.
  5. Not sure why the comments are implying that you need more information. You've been married TEN years, first of all. You didn't mention you have the things everyone else that hasn't been married ten years brings as evidence, which there's no way you don't have: photos of you guys together, possibly wedding anniversary stuff, any other evidence you're a couple. I mean it isn't as though you have been not living together and have all of the types of proofs most of us long distance relationships have.
  6. UPDATE: The passport is already ready for pickup! He will get it tomorrow and will buy the plane ticket for next week! OMG
  7. No we did not submit pictures from the wedding. Just pictures of us physically together before and after. The consular officer asked him where we were married, and he said online through Utah. The CO was curious but not judgmental and did not ask any further questions about it. But there was no point in the process pre-interview that the online part was mentioned specifically.
  8. We filed online. I don't understand why it was so fast, either, honestly. All I can do is take this blessing and hope you guys get through the process soon. As far as interview dates go, completely depends on the Embassy at that point and that is why it varies so much. Regarding the I-130 and then the NVC, I don't understand why they would process ours so quickly.
  9. I did not go to Utah. When you start the process, it is an online application in which you use their scanning technology to scan your passport and/or US ID, and then you schedule a web-conference wedding ceremony. Everything is digital. Thank you!
  10. If you follow the links in the post above you, it will show you all you need to know about marrying. Yes, as far as I am aware, you can marry online while you are both together in China.
  11. Yes, we have marriage certificates, and in my comment post, I uploaded a picture of what it looks like: nothing different from any other marriage certificate. I can't find anything that doesn't fit within what is allowed for visas, but you're right, anyone else could possibly be denied. I am the only person I've heard of so far to get to the interview process, and I've been approved. I would love to hear of others that have interviewed and their results. I wish anyone that marries this way or any other luck in their journey.
  12. If you would like further information on it, you can also see their FAQ and how they explain the legality of virtual ceremonies and online license application here: http://www.utahcounty.gov/Dept/ClerkAud/WebCeremonyFAQ.html
  13. http://www.utahcounty.gov/Dept/ClerkAud/Marriage.html All of the information on how you can marry online through Utah County's ceremony, you can go to this above link. It is legitimate and does not require you to be physically present if you marry through this specific county.
  14. You can see all of the process for marrying online if you look at my comment here : Yes, I saw him before we got married. I visited his country for three weeks the year before, and then three weeks after the marriage.
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