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  1. Could someone share with me the list of documents required at USCIS & NVC stage when sponsoring mother to US from Pakistan specifically?
  2. And once you get the Urdu nikah made, you can go to ANY union council in the entire of Pakistan to get the UNION COUNCIL's marriage certificate made, doesnt matter if you live in Islamabad , you can get it made from Karachji
  3. Let me give you a little hope, lately I have seen a couple of i130 posts on Facebook getting approved in the span of 4-8 months from California. So 🤞
  4. I was at potomac, moved to Cali. Already prepare yourself for the worst but pray for the best. I have seen people getting approved from Cali in 10-12 months too.
  5. Hmm. I believe the US should come up with something like a Temporary Spouse Visitor visa, which would enable us to visit our spouses and come back, and on that Visa one wouldn't be able to adjust status or something like that. That way we would easily visit our spouses & come back till we actually immigrate.
  6. Guys I need some understanding on this topic. Why does something like AOS exists when ethically (not legally) it is an immigration fraud? Case 1: Mr. A enters US to see his wife on a B1/B2 visa with an intent of going back in 3 months. After 3 months he decides for AOS since he changed his mind and doesn't wanna go back. Case 2: Mr. A enters US to see his wife on a B1/B2 visa with an intent of AOS. After 3 months he applies for AOS. In both the above scenarios, we will call Case 1 as completely justified (because there was no intent) and Case 2 as immigration fraud right (Because there was an intent)?
  7. I feel you brother. In my culture falling for someone with a certain skin tone is a taboo, yet I fell for my beautiful wife who happens to be an African.
  8. These are just the numbers I believe, as I have seen people getting through in Cali faster than the other ones. Mine had also been transferred from Potomac to Cali so lets see.
  9. Ok I found the hack to this situation, when you are at the live chat, write 'Live agent' or 'Talk to live agent' to emma a couple of times, and you will be handled by an actual person within a few minutes, but be sure to have the petitioners everything ready, like phone number, email, address etc only then you will be told about your service center.
  10. Okay so if the case is transferred from a certain service center to another, then which time duration will apply to that very case? the original service center's or where the case is currently being processed at?
  11. My case has recently been transferred from Potomac to California , PD Oct 2021, CR1. Should I be sad about it?
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