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  1. Does not seem unrealistic, they are scheduling ILs all the time but their priority currently is IR5, and f2a to IR1 conversions. Since for some reason parents of USC are as important as spouses and children under 21. IR5 is around March or April 2020 so until they catch up (November 2020) to IR1/CR1 there is not much hope for regular IR1/CR1 cases.
  2. The tier system is removed but consulates will always prioritize USC petitioners over Green Card, that is just a basic thing.
  3. Current backlog is around 13 months from DQ to IL at the very least. Current group of people stuck is DQ November 10, 2020 and above for IR1/CR1.
  4. There is an official site "Monthly Immigrant Visa Issuance Statistics" search for this and look for the official government website. Has statistics for how many visas were approved on a monthly basis for every center in the world and for which category. As for finding out around where the IL have reached you can also check this site and the groups where people share when they get IL and what their DQ is. So it makes it very easy to know which month and date are receiving IL. It has been impossible to predict the trends currently but the next batch of IL should be out in the coming week or the week after. If I hear something I will let you guys know. I still strongly recommend you guys get informed by joining the fb and telegram groups, I don't have nearly as much knowledge as some of the folks on there.
  5. I can't provide links sadly against visajourneys policy but "mvt vercel mumbai to USA visa group" put that in google you can probably get the telegram group for mumbai to usa visa group. As for facebook group "K-1 and CR/IR-1 Visa Applicants of India" search that in facebook it has around 1.3k members and the telegram has around 1.1k. The whatsapp group there are many and none of them are very informative they mostly get their information from facebook or telegram group. If you join those 2 groups you will honestly have very accurate information on the current process for India specifically.
  6. yeah dude it's a struggle especially for us folks who were dq after after October 2020 the 2nd wave pushed us back by 9 months at least.
  7. Just an FYI 60day notice is automated and irrelevant, it was useful pre-covid since there wasn't any backlog. Current DQ for folks waiting are December 2019 for F2A.
  8. Your USCIS date is irrelevant, what matters is your DQ, and honestly for IL after DQ for USC spouses it is taking more than a year now. Based on current trends unless something changes you won't be getting anything until late 2022 or early 2023 if your DQ is in November or December. However, be hopeful since covid lockdowns are no longer happening and there is talk of clearing the backlog more efficiently. If you are lucky maybe you will get IL mid 2022. November 2020 DQ folks are still waiting for IL and based on the number of visas issued it seems IR1/CR1 isn't a high priority for now.
  9. Just an update for folks who are not in the telegram or facebook group. The process has been very slow these past few months due to student visas and then NIV visas. Currently for IR1/CR1 folks DQ past november 10th 2020 are still waiting for IL, and F2A is still stuck in December 2019. Both categories are getting small amounts of ILs don't expect much until next year based on current trends. There might be some hope with the new bills proposed by Biden this month, so there is some potential for a major change in the coming months. For people asking about Expedites, those are honestly hit or miss so you can try it but don't expect it to work just because others were successful. For F2A folks I think your only hope is converting to IR1 once your spouse becomes a USC.
  10. Oh your case is still at USCIS? Then you might have to wait until it's at NVC and you get DQ before updating it. Have not heard of a case where people update it before it's been DQ at NVC so I don't want to make an assumption. Maybe join the telegram group and ask for help, google mvt vercel app to find their site and join from there.
  11. Once your husband gets his naturalization certificate he should submit an update request to NVC. They will review it and approve it anywhere between 1 to 2 months based on current workload. Then your case will get converted to CR1 or IR1 if you have been married for 2 years. You said you already received your DQ, correct? Then that DQ will not change and you should expect IL when other IR1/CR1 folks for your DQ do.
  12. Hey, I was saying 6-7 months to the May 2021 USC spouse. I said maybe another year at least for you because F2A is still stuck in December 2019, hopefully they clear December and January this week.
  13. Once your husband gets his Citizenship you will need to submit a request to NVC and it will take between 1-2 months for an approval then your case should get converted. Your DQ does not change after your case is converted so that is a good thing since you won't have to requeue for IL.
  14. Maybe another year before IL at least. PD and service center is irrelevant it's all about DQ once your case is at NVC. Maybe 6 to 7 months until IL.
  15. Nothing you can do man, people who were DQ in October and November 2019 are still waiting to be rescheduled.
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