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  1. Hello, 

    Did you upload your 2019 tax on ceac before interview ? Or were you told through interview letter to upload anything before interview?

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    2. Zack36


      I did Send my spouse our wedding pictures to take it for interview,which she did.the CO Officer did ask for the wedding pictures and looked at them,I did save our chat history from What'sapp in case if they wanted to see it.they never asked for the chat history.

    3. Hopefully18


      Oh m glad you guys are approved 

      thanks a bunch for the info again !! 
      sorry to bug you, but can you tell whats the time of shuttle to arrive at embassy ? 
      Are mobiles allowed inside?

    4. Zack36


      Ah idk about the what time of shuttle to arrive at Embassy,but I believe no phones allowed inside the Embassy.I could be wrong but you can find out by going to Pakistan Embassy online,to see what is allowed inside the embassy.

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