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  1. That's good,go visit your significant other and spend some time with each other.ah security isn't that bad in Pakistan but each to their own I guess.at least it will ease your mind a little bit,since you gonna be with your partner.good luck out there and have a safe trip out there.
  2. Pretty much everyone is in the same boat like you,everyone is waiting for their Interview.so just wait patiently,everyone has to wait for there turn.don't lose hope yet,hopefully it will work out for everyone.
  3. Well try to get an advice from an immigration lawyer or attorney whatever it's called.they would give you the best advice,If you can expedite your case or not.i would seek advice from someone who actually knows around the immigration rules.
  4. I am sorry to hear about that,just cause some documents rejection.it doesn't mean you guy's should stop talking to each other,you guy's should still keep in touch with each other.I have been married over 2 years to my wife,I just recently visited her back in March.i took a time off from work for 3 weeks,ended being stuck in Pakistan for 2 months and 4 days due to covid19.everything being shut down,no international flights going out.so I got to spend some quality time with her.you guy's need to trust Allah,they say there is light at the end of dark tunnel.stay positive even though it's hard.
  5. Will do,hopefully it goes well.its been a long road.
  6. Ah I was DQ'd on Feb 14th,2020 that's when I received an email from NVC. Letting me know that they received all my documents and were approved.
  7. Ah probably they have interview date schedule for other dates to,just not only Oct 13th.i am pretty sure about that.i guess they want to speed up the process cause they were closed for 5 months and they have a big backlog of cases.
  8. Yup you are correct,we had our interview canceled and they rescheduled it for Oct 13th,2020.
  9. Ah it depends on your case,I don't know the status of your case but you will have to wait patiently like others.
  10. Ah NVC is the one will send your case to US Embassy in Pakistan,so they make sure you have all the correct documents before they send your case to the Consulate in Pakistan.hope this clarify your question.They look at all the documents and Approved them before they send it to the Consulate.
  11. Yes my wife's first interview got canceled due to covid19,they rescheduled it.
  12. I am petitioning for my wife,it's been a long road due to this covid19.In sha Allah will do.
  13. Hey 

    How are you? I wanted to ask if your interview was previously canceled or is this your first interview?

    1. Zack36


      I am doing good and how are you doing?.Ah my spouse first interview was canceled due to covid19.

  14. Oh ok, anyway good luck buddy.just be patient and In sha Allah hopefully everything will work out for you.
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