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  1. File for mom, when she becomes LPR she files for step dad & children.
  2. Thanks. One of the problem is it's not allowing me to download the transcript. I thought the error was causing that.
  3. Gone from mini heart attack straight to life support, lol. I really hope this doesn't happen to me because I really need the transcript.
  4. Thanks Chancy. I think I had a mini heart attack after seeing "Completed" 244 days after "Received" date, lol. Sigh
  5. Good day, my new Tax preparer made a major error on my 2021 tax filing. This was amended & submitted to IRS Dec. 29, 2022. Has anyone recently did an amendment & how long did it take for IRS to accept? I need an IRS Tax Return Transcript (specifically) urgently & don't know what to do. Sigh
  6. I think you will get the notification by this week-end based on the most recent trend.
  7. Your timeline has November 19 for IV package submission, therefore your submitted date would be November 19 if your timeline is correct.
  8. Did you file joint tax return? If yes, then that's why the W2 is required.
  9. Case FE review note - National Visa Center (Dept of State) - VisaJourney
  10. Sorry that you got a RFE instead of DQ. Did you submit an IRS tax transcript? If yes, was it a joint filing? Just trying to figure out when a W2 is required.
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