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  1. Did you file joint tax return? If yes, then that's why the W2 is required.
  2. Case FE review note - National Visa Center (Dept of State) - VisaJourney
  3. Sorry that you got a RFE instead of DQ. Did you submit an IRS tax transcript? If yes, was it a joint filing? Just trying to figure out when a W2 is required.
  4. I don't know about the DQ, however the embassy is operating at limited capacity.
  5. I saw someone who DQ October 16, 2020 got their interview for Dec. 6, 2021. They were notified in Nov. 2021.
  6. After paying the IV & AOS fees, then submitting the DS260, financial docs, I-864 or I-864EZ & relevant civil docs. If reviewed & accepted by NVC, then you will receive an email or see a note in CEAC that your application is documentary completed.
  7. @Mogo76 , did you submit the Tax Return Transcript or tax return? Also did you submit I-864 or I-864EZ? I am just trying to figure out if they request the W2 regardless of what you submit.
  8. If I was OP, I would go the route of US citizen child filing one IR5 I-130, then when that parent is in the US, they file one I-130 as an LPR for the remaining parent and add the minor kids as derivatives. At least they would save some money on filing more I-130s and one parent would be with the younger children and the other parent with the older child, until they are all reunited.
  9. @amb1, are you able to download the 2020 IRS Tax Transcript?
  10. Thanks for the update and continue to keep the faith. I am not yet DQ, however I try to follow and support Jamaica related posts/threads.
  11. Good day, @Captain Ewok was kind enough to conduct an analysis of our embassy. If interested check it out at Jamaica US Family & Marriage Visa Approvals by Month - USCIS Immigration Processing Times - VisaJourney
  12. Please clarify, do yo mean they received their interview for June 2021, after all we are still in May 2021. Also when did they receive their letter?
  13. Please note that there are two types of chart. The one that is applicable to persons who did there interview in Jamaica is the chart that has by Post. See image below for Kingston.
  14. I believe they may have regressed due to categories that were not able to have their interview due to the family ban. After the ban was lifted more than likely they would return to conducting interview in a chronological DQ order.
  15. Praying for continued strength & protection for you and baby girl. I hope and pray that both of you are reunited soon.
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