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  1. Is this the fact? Is advancing the dates in visa bulletin for legal immigrants who've been waiting for years the message that you were trying to convey?
  2. ...Just saw this today, any thoughts on if we can find out what's happening?
  3. Because I filed in Dec 2019 so I don’t even expect any update on myself before you guys Oct/Nov filers start moving.☹️What’s happening at Philadelphia center is truly a mystery. Why we see no movement at all???
  4. Hey guys, I just noticed that the estimated completion date has completely gone from my page. This was to be expected though, some other people have reported the same thing once past the date/month.
  5. No, NOT actually good news according to what the news articles say, read again and read carefully...
  6. Please ignore this... just had a deeper chat, she's not a Philly filer.
  7. I learned from a friend that her friend just had her interview earlier this month, and took the oath 2 weeks later at the Philly office. Apparently, it was NOT the same-day oath in her case, and she did not have interview canceled before the pandemic, it was her first interview. The weird thing is that she filed in November, 2019!
  8. I saw news about a recent lawsuit that pressured the Philly office to swear in "all" (about 2,200 according to the news) already-approved naturalization candidates by the end of July. That's probably what caused this terrible delay for those of us who are still waiting to be interviewed. Now since they have "cleared" that, hopefully they get back to us shortly. If not, I think we should definitely do something. Any idea what we can do to get the ball rolling? Write to congresspersons? Sue the department?
  9. Plus, this article seems to just ask for support/advocacy for not furloughing USCIS staffs rather than pushing the offices to start processing cases more efficiently. The Philadelphia office, WITHOUT furlough, has already become a blackhole when it comes to naturalization progress. So what is the point to support if they don't process our cases no matter what?
  10. We see no new citizenship interviews being scheduled at the Philadelphia, PA (battleground state) USCIS office which caused unreasonable delays and you can see our super duper frustration in the thread below. But the article in the above link only asks for attorney name and email, not applicants.
  11. I'm a little confused, I have seen many people calling USCIS to ask about what's going on with their cases just a few months after they file, and they were able to speak with T2 officers and discuss about their cases, and obviously they filed later than the "Receipt date for a case inquiry". If so, what is the purpose for "Receipt date for a case inquiry"?
  12. I've seen multiple people online reporting such experience. You'll have to wait for them to locate and receive your file at the local office and then reschedule your interview. Sorry to hear that I can imagine how frustrating this can be after long wait.
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