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  1. Hello , was you able to schedule your interview as of yet ? 

    1. Ieshamarie29


      Hi. No not yet

  2. Does anyone know if i can do an application for the B1/B2 visa while the k-1  is still processing? Also what are the chances that they will approve the application knowing we have a pending application already?

    1. geowrian


      Yes you can apply.

      The odds are against you. A pending K-1 implies immigrant intent. The INA requires a presumption of immigrant intent. A tourist visa requires not having immigrant intent.

      The main way to overcome immigrant intent is via strong ties to return home. A K-1 implies you will be moving to the US in the "near" future...so any claimed ties aren't really ties since they will be broken soon.


      But the only way to know for sure is to apply. It's rare, but people have been approved for a tourist visa mid-process.

    2. Ieshamarie29


      @geowrian okay thats what i was thinking to. i just wanted some input if it was worth paying for it and not getting approved or should i just wait for the k-1. Thanks for responding 🙂

  3. good evening when updating timeline do i put the date i received the text from USCIS or the date that USCIS actually received the petition? Example i received a text with a receipt number today but when i checked status it says USCIS received on July 9th...
  4. okay thank you all so much for the responses!! i wish everyone luck on your journey! 😶
  5. How soon after USCIS cash your check do you get text/email of receipt or letter in the mail?
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