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  1. I think he/she is talking about the waiting times in total (approval, interview, etc). I have now been waiting for 3 years and if it keeps going like this in about 2 years more my PD will become current (so its going to be 5 years as well, hopefully).
  2. Yup, that's what I meant ,I´m the only one here on VJ (or so it seems, for now) lol. You are right, it´s not that common. And yes I´ve looked already. I did find ppl from other latin american countries though, and they helped with my concerns! My mom filed the I-130 back in 2017 it's the first time that I´m actually researching about this
  3. awesome, great idea! though I am not yet in the U.S. (still in the visa process), hopefully I´ll be there soon!
  4. Hey guys! I was wondering, (it's a totally random question) if an applicant while waiting for the visa has a baby in the process (with the I130 already approved,) how does that work? I´m aware that if you get married (being the FB2 category) you´re automatically disqualified. Any personal experience that you can share?
  5. Wow I didn't know that. But there is a huge difference in dates between chart A and B (May 2015 and Feb. 2016). If my PD is in April 2017 and on chart B is current that means I willl get my WL ?
  6. I was thinking... Will this slow down the process for people whose PD will be current in the future? Like dominoe effect... They are gonna have to catch up when this suspention is over.
  7. Hi! thanks for sharing your experience! Wow her date is relatively close now! Good thing you recieved your NVC steps earlier than expected! I really hope I do too! I did noticed that my NOA2 was sent early than most people. Well if you can, let me know when your sister is contacted for the appt! If you don´t mind I'll add you or follow your timeline. I don´t know anyone from South America who is going through the same process as I am, so anything you can share helps!
  8. was that the welcome letter? Im not familiar with this terms yet, I thought the log in info was part of NOA2 😅
  9. The NOA2 is the approval of the ISCIS and it tells you your case has been sent to the NVC. About a month after the approval, the NVC e-mailed me the log in info, actually. So they send it to you later on. The subject of the email they sent was: "Notice of Inmigration visa case creation"
  10. Oh OK, thanks. I thought the screenshot that you uploaded was a phone app for some reason. Once I did hear there was actually one, but never downloaded it.
  11. Hey @FPope which one is the welcome letter? is it the one that has the 6 steps? (paying the fees, sending the documents, etc.) I always thought THAT was the welcome letter. The last thing I received from the NVC was my case # and my invoice ID to log on to the CEAC website.
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