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  1. Like all of you I am waiting (patient;y is a fib) but I am waiting and I fully understand the COVID crisis and the ability of the Government of any nation to move like a drunken turtle, slowly and in many directions, but I am curious , there is a wealth of knowledge on this forum including some who apparently work in this field and has anyone heard of an action plan to help the embassies that are most backlogged e.g the Philippines when they end the COVID restrictions. I ask because I am starting to see the signs of life returning to some semblance of normal and expect sometime in May relatively normal operations to resume and one would speculate about a plan to reduce the backlog on a factorial basis so that by end of summer they could be caught up Thanks Pack88
  2. Like everybody patiently waiting (Haha) in the que I am curious about after NOA-2. When my lady and I contemplated this process in April 2019 it seemed there was a relatively clear path- a few months after NOA-1 came NOA-2 then NVC 4-6 weeks later and then 4 weeks later the medical and interview and a plane ticket to America. Philippine Law and COVID delayed our filing until Sep 2020 and the clear path now appears to be the maze of the Minotaur. I am hoping for helpful guidance or information about after NOA-2. I read so much that indicates Manilla is seriously backlogged on K-1 Visas. Is there any current information about how long after the NVC gets our application we can anticipate a window for the medical/ interview phase to begin. Based on projections from VJ I assume w/o glitches my NOA-2 should happen 15-25 May 2021. Thanks and whileI read so much about other embassies and other circumstances mine is pretty simple just my lady and I no income issues or children involved!
  3. While I appreciate this estimate (latest I-129 approval estimate) provided by this web site my G/F asked a question that has flittered across my brain for a long time; that is what point in the process does this estimate signify -NOA-2 response- tranfer to the NVS or forwarding to the embassyI I recognize that this is in the long term meaninlgess- it does provides a horizion to look forward to. Thanks DEC
  4. Thank you very Much! I assumed this was the cae but I was just hoping! Check off another box while waiting
  5. Hello VJ'ers on the Philippine Blog! Recently I posted a question about getting a request for a Singapore Police Clearance. I have to give big prop's to Greenbaum- he wired me up with the form and while filling it out two questions popped up that I am hoping someone who has recently ran this marathon can help me with! 1) At the top of the top of the form there is a spot where it says "Post" My question is does the form need to say Manilla next to the Post Line? If so how did you insert it as the PDF Form does not permit any entry there! 2) The last section of the form asks for your case number. My question is this number the case number I see assigned on my NOA-1 or will I have to wait until I get the NOA-2 from NVS to get the case number!! Thanks Pack88 https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/reciprocity/Singapore COC request letter.pdf
  6. Hello VJ'ers: My lady and I recently filed our I-129f paperwork and have received our NOA-1. Now comes the months of no contact (please no RFI's) and we are attempting to get as many things done before they let us know to get ready for our interview. One of the items I know we well need is a Singapore Police Clearance. I have been in contact with a couple of previous filers and have been given the web site support from the Singapore Police and how to secure this clearance. My question is this, it seems in the last few years, Singapore will not grant a request for a police clearance unless you are a Singapore citizen. I have read there is a form or letter they require from the US Embassy that indicates none of the alternative's they offer will suffice the US requirement. I have contacted the US Embassy for assistance but phone and staffing problems have prevented me from securing an answer. I am thus hoping that someone who has secured a clearance from Singapore tell me what form or letter they were provided by the embassy! Thanks Pack88
  7. Several weeks ago (3 June) My fiance's annulment application escaped the regional court in Visaya's and started it's tortoise like journey to Manila through the Federal judicial process for final approval. At first I was very excited, as someone told me I could use the regional approval in my I-129-f packet and made ready to do so. Thank goodness someone else here corrected the misinformation and so I am back to sitting on my hands waiting. I wondered is there a way to check her annulments progress through the halls of Justice in Manilla. I have been assured that you need only wait on the receipt that accompanied the packet to Manilla but having spent half my life in lesser developed countries I know just how long a piece of paper can take to travel 5000 miles. ( Many years ago, in Italy, I received an official document , that took 11 months to go 36 miles) so my confidence in the Postal systems of lesser developed countries is low. I know here in my former residence of Washington State, I could call the Courthouse and find where the document was and so on! Is that possible in the Phils! I know it is an obtuse question but any help would be appreciated and make me feel like I am making progress!! Pack88
  8. I am in the process of getting ready to file my I-129-F and was convinced I would not be able to do so prior to End of September when I returned from my 2nd visit to the Phils brining home a freshly released CENOMAR because of the expected 8 week delay from receiving the Annulment and the Central Registry in Manila approving it. I just read a discussion on another site where several posters claimed they filed their i-129-f with their Annulment decrees, USCIS processed the request and by the time the Embassy scheduled their interviews they had the CENOMAR and saved a few months of waiting time! I am hoping if any members of this forum used this procedure they will tell me of their experiences and did it work! Thanks Pack88
  9. Like most of you, a long time ago, I am at that bewildering moment when I am starting to complete the I-129-F and am routinely puzzled by what I feel are trap questions but it is probably just an overabundance of caution and not wanting USCIS to slow my application down while they ask for more information; so with that disclaimer aside here are my questions and I will appreciate any helpful advice! I have now completed my I-129-f but I have questions about 2 sections of the form that leave me unsettled. 1) These items are item 53 and 54 which requires proof an in in-person meeting within 2 years. This question is seemingly very straight forward but it rather converges with another question that I cannot find a reference to in the instruction manual but every cover page has it listed and that is proof of a bona fide relationship and here is where my question begins. Sample letter that seems similar to my story (I met my fiance(e) on Cherry Blossoms seems to travel two paths a) indicates the name of the web site and then wanders down a rabbit hole of enclosures of Imbra statements from Cherry Blossoms and so on. b) indicates they met on-line and cautions not to mention the website . So my request is advice from anybody who has recently applied and struggled with this issue and what route did you take and did you have any problems as a result! 2) Proof of a bonda fide and on going relationship. The second part of my question revolves around proof of an ongoing relationship. In the very early stages of the relationship there are a few e-mails but for the past months we have been taking advantage of skype free-calling which does not generate chat logs. The standard other items requested (Xmas Cards Birthday cards I have) but worry about how to prove continuing contact to my lady. I kept a journal for 3 months of time and date of calls but would appreciate any advice from files who had the same concern. Thanks for reading this and I assume that this will be my last missive. Eve though I can't file until Sep my packet will be complete once I slay these two problems Pack88
  10. Like most of you, a long time ago, I am at that bewildering moment when I am starting to complete the I-129-F and am routinely puzzled by what I feel are trap questions but it is probably just an overabundance of caution and not wanting USCIS to slow my application down while they ask for more information; so with that disclaimer aside here are my questions and I will appreciate any helpful advice! 1) In the employment history it asks for last five years of employment; I retired in 2017 so to account for that period of time should I complete the block 1 with retired as my employer and then complete block 2 - or should I complete the form starting in block 1 with my retirement in 2017 and going back to 1994 when I started working for the company? 2) In part 1 Sec 40 it asks how I acquired my US citizenship and offers two correct answers - birth in the United states or US Citizen Parents! Does it matter ?? 3) Back in the Stone Ages (1975) I married a German woman while stationed in Germany- When I left Germany I completed the process to bring my wife to the states but after 45 years I suspect the process was vastly different back then and so question 43 leaves me puzzled. It asks have I ever filed a I -129 F for any other beneficiary. I believe that the answer to this question is no because we were already married when I brought her to the states but after almost 5 decades I do not recall what the process was titled and so am unsure how to complete this question. 4) Last Question (for today) In Part 1 Section 27 it asks for information about my parent's and line 31 asks their city/town residence and in fact they are deceased - Is it better to leave blank or anotate deceased in line 31! Thanks very much for your help
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