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  1. Hi Dave and Rudy Love: My experience is not recent (2019) but even aside from the crazy wait times for a visitor interview, the Government is very negative about these types of visits. In 2019 I wanted to bring my lady for a visit to give her a chance to see what life in America is like. We had not yet filed our K-1 Visa and I hoped to ler her experience America and the huge differnece from life in the Phils before taking the K-1 step! I wrote a long letter asuring the Gvt I had the financial wherewithal to provide for her and I would be responsible for her while here and personally agreed to be responsible in making sure she returned on schedule. All to no avail- my lady was rejected in 5 minutes apparently because I had too many reources and they were afraid she would not return. So long story story short I would not be optimistic- even if you could get an interview next week DE Cooke
  2. Jean Adaii you apparently misunderstand my question! There is a wealth of information available by brute force searches I just don't want to expend my energies that way! Another poster provided me the information I needed using the data mining tools I was interested in!
  3. There is no invasion of privacy to publicly posted information!!! Also going to CEAC and scrolling forward and validity checking the entry is the brute force search methods I am trying to avoid!
  4. Is there anyway to view the most recent 20 or 30 K-1 visas that are now in transit or ready from a particular embassy, other than the brute force search through the most recent approval column. I have tried 100 times to use the sort tools on the statistic's page but I have never been able to make it function correctly. I have tried until my head hurts to get it to produce a list of the last 30 from the Manilla embassy w/o sucess! Thanks
  5. was this an expedited case??
  6. Congrats on having patiently waited and now are about to be rewarded! My knowledge regarding the question you asked about police clearance's is this; providing that you have not returned to the country in question (Dubai) and if you are seeking an interview in Manilla (I am making an assumption here) then you need not worry! My lady and I are also patiently waiting (Sep 2020 filer) but she required a PC from Singapore as she had worked there years ago. I had been patiently waiting to secure the clearance because of the 1 year validity but I was informed so long as she had not been back to Singapore the PC never expired so we went ahead and secured it so that was one less thing to do when our case finally reaches the top of the pile! I hope this helps!
  7. Thank you for taking one more burden off of us in this process!

  8. While Patiently waiting for our I-129-F to reach the embassy I have been assembling all the required documentation needed to make this a one visit journey to the Manilla Embassy, My lady told me that she does not have her childhood vaccination record, this prompts the question what does thye medical fols do- do they titer test to see if you need any, do they administer a whole new set and lastly is this an additional charge? Thanks
  9. I concur with what most have written here. I just sent a pkgof documents (5lbs<) vis FEDDEX for 68.00 US door to door 6 days. They have a 5-9 day rate about $10.00 cheaper. I used Parcel Monkey to arrange it!
  10. As someone who was often frustrated by the synchronized swimming approach to judicial actions in the Philippines I am enclosing a link so you can see what you need to do to speedily get your Cen Omar annotated on your ladies official record! When you mentioned a 3 year struggle with the Annulment I know when you get it I hope you consider getting married and going thye CR-1 route. If I knew the, what I know now I would have made a visit somewhere close and gotten married and then filed that route. It has been more than a year and most likely will be another year before I get my lady here and CR-1's if your case is clean seem to only take 12-13 months just like before Covid! Anyway, Good luck Pack88
  11. When my ladies annulment was processed - it was explained to us that the SOLGEN review in Manilla was a 60 period where the high court is given an opportunity to review the decision for irregularities and if they respond positively (agree with the decision) or do not respond within 60 days it is returned to the local court for final adjudication. In our case ours went in early July and after the mandatory review period of 60 days the local court finally issued the certificate of final nullity in mid September
  12. Like all of you I am waiting (patient;y is a fib) but I am waiting and I fully understand the COVID crisis and the ability of the Government of any nation to move like a drunken turtle, slowly and in many directions, but I am curious , there is a wealth of knowledge on this forum including some who apparently work in this field and has anyone heard of an action plan to help the embassies that are most backlogged e.g the Philippines when they end the COVID restrictions. I ask because I am starting to see the signs of life returning to some semblance of normal and expect sometime in May relatively normal operations to resume and one would speculate about a plan to reduce the backlog on a factorial basis so that by end of summer they could be caught up Thanks Pack88
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