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  1. Yes you can set up an account and work on your application before being eligible to Submit. I did the same for about 8 weeks prior to being eligible. Please note that no work done on your submission for 30 days will automatically delete your entry.
  2. Travel ban online advisor Greg Siskind (Immigration lawyer) over on Twitter (@gsiskind) released a little travel advisor questionnaire walkthrough that some might find useful. Not quite 100%, but should answer most folks quieres whether they are subject to the ban. He’s also been answering questions via his twitter feed or conducting live meetings to answer questions.
  3. https://www.uscis.gov/outreach/notes-previous-engagements https://www.uscis.gov/outreach/uscis-offices-resume-person-services
  4. It was a screen shot from the USCIS public engagement that was held on YouTube today
  5. Official word from today’s live broadcast is a phased opening from July 13
  6. Love how a simple question turns into “why don’t you trust your wife”
  7. Congratulations. Looking at your signature, there was no interview for neither AOS, nor ROC?
  8. Linky “US Citizenship and Immigration Services is facing a massive budget shortfall because fewer immigrants are applying to enter the US“
  9. From this site and creating an account https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript
  10. I submitted our US tax return in Feb.. I then tried to collect my transcript in March and was unable to. I sent a small cheque in mid March for the amount we were due to pay. A couple of days after the check cleared, I was able to pull 2019 transcript. So it seems you can pull the 2019 transcript only if you have filed for 2019 and paid any outstanding taxes. That is our experience anyway.
  11. I have nothing to contribute to this thread other than to pass my condolences to you at this difficult time.
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