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  1. Hi, I have arrived in the US on my k1 visa and will be getting married soon, but I’ve heard the maiden name to married name change is confusing with all the forms. Is it possible to not change my maiden name to married name until after I get my green card? Will that make it easier so I can put all the forms in my maiden name, then just change my name more down the line, or will that look weird to imigration? Or is it easier to just change my maiden name to married name right after marriage? (Also I already have my SSN and it is in my maiden name. ) Thank you
  2. I lived in Spain up until I was 17, so about 7 months after the age of 16. Mexico I lived there for about 15 months
  3. Thank you! My mum lives in Cancun, she cannot currently travel to Mexico City. Do you know if she’s able to get the document at a police office near her?
  4. Hi! I am the beneficiary I’m from the UK. My interview is in 4 weeks however I need to get a police certificate from Mexico, trying to do it online but can’t find how. Does anyone know how to get this? I have my mum in Mexico to help if needed, as I can’t go to Mexico right now. Thank you!
  5. Hi! I am the beneficiary and I’m from the UK, my interview is booked for a month time, however I still need to just get a police certificate from Spain. I’m really struggling to sort it out online, does anyone know how to obtain this? I have family in Spain can they go somewhere in Spain and get this for me? And will it take more than a month? Thank you!
  6. Thanks for the help. I am not a resident of Mexico, I am only a UK citizen, I was just staying in mexico to visit my fiancé as he flew back and fourth from the US and he couldn’t visit England. We just received our NOA2 and case number so do we just need to send the letter of asking to change?
  7. Can someone please help so for the I-129f We put my physical address as mexico for me (the beneficiary) because me and my fiancé are here together so I thought it meant where I was physically. For everything else I put UK as I am from England I am not a Mexican resident or anything, but I just called the NVC number and they said my interview is in Mexico City?? How do I change this please. Thank you
  8. Thank you! This forum is so helpful how do I join this does it automatically joined me as I’ve posted in here? Or do I need to click something? New to posting in here lol!
  9. Hi we received a text back in March saying our case was received. I checked on the case status checker and it says they received ours in January. However we only ever got a text - never any mail or email. The text did say form I-1797 will be sent to us but we never got it. Do we need the physical noa1 mail or is just the text fine? thanks!
  10. Hi we sent off our I-129f in December 31 and received a text on 4 March 2021 that our case was received. We searched our case number and it said it was received on January 11. We got the text and the check cleared however we never received an email or mail in the post with the noa1? Is this normal?
  11. I’m happy to wait , I’m just wondering how long it takes roughly as I heard it should only take around 3-5 days to receive the mail so I’m just worried we might have missed it as my fiancé wasn’t home the last few days
  12. Hi everyone, my fiancé (the petitioner) had received a text saying ‘USCIS: your case was received. Official Receipt Notice (Form I-1797) to follow in Mail. ’ and gave us a receipt number. It’s been 7 days since the text and we have not received any mail or email, how long does it take to receive form I-1797? Also I’ve entered our receipt number in the status checker and it says that the number is not recognised. Anyone know why that is? Thanks
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