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  1. I think it was about 3 weeks after approval. Not at all accurate for me. I also got an expedite denied, submitted exactly the same request a second time 2 weeks later and it got approved..
  2. We got asked for a copy of our health insurance policy I honestly don't remember the name of mine. It was somewhere near DuPont. Certainly wasn't good or cheap though!
  3. It took about a month to get my card after my expedite was approved. I would give it at least a few more days before worrying.
  4. I submitted for my renewal just before my interview. Honestly, I am glad that I did. Technically USCIS has 120 days to provide you with a response after the interview. I would have hated to lose my job due to lack of work authorization while waiting for my green card. Anyway, up to you. Its a short and free form so perhaps just worth doing it?
  5. If it makes you feel any better, mine took less than the estimated time. About 12 months all in all. That seems to be a common experience for DC. All this is to say, I have no idea what these estimated time ranges actually mean.
  6. Yeah that link does not work. I tried it before. Seems you cannot make appointments through it.
  7. I just got my green card in the mail and I am wondering how to update my Global Entry. I have an active Global Entry approval for a prior visa I was on. Now that I have my green card, I am hoping to update my record so I can continue using it (obviously once COVID is over). How do I do this? I cannot seem to find any information on the website. Do I need to submit a new application or can I just update my current record?
  8. Take a photocopy too. If they want to keep something they will keep the copy.
  9. Same. It’s set to arrive Saturday. The storm might have other ideas but at least it is on its way.
  10. Yeh I think you are right. I just got my approval notice in the mail. I guess the card will come in a few days. Let me know when you get yours and ill do the same!
  11. Did anyone not get a tracking number with their green card? My status has been stuck on "card was mailed to me" for the past 5 days.
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