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  1. https://www.montereydivorcelawgroup.com/blog/2019/06/divorce-and-student-loan-debt-in-california/ The debt's where accrued several years before we met. She only pays some bills in her parents house (electric, gas, internet). She paid my health insurance, other than that I was living off my savings while I couldn't work.
  2. She said she has some student loans but never mentioned how much. The letter I found was a garnishing letter and it stated the exact amount....a quarter million. Nobody marries someone with a quarter million debts. I caught her one time on the phone talking to a friend about me when she mentioned that I'm almost 40 and have zero debts. apparently that's a rarity here. After I found out it also made sense to me why she wanted to leave the U.S. so bad. Apparently she was trying to escape her debts.
  3. Luckily she accumulated all her debts before we met and the money that I brought are my personal savings. I think I will be OK but you never know...
  4. Besides the health insurance and a common address there's not much. 2 days before the wedding I came across a collection letter that shows that she owes $244,000 in student loans amongst other debts (credit cards). She will NEVER be able to pay back these debts unless she magically finds a $200,000 p/a job. I came here with several tens of thousands in cash, and, needless to say, debt free. It would be financial self destruction to combine finances with her. She kept it all a secret. However, thank you for your advice!
  5. There should be plenty, not so many bills (we live in her parents house) but lot's of pictures (3 years of traveling), a dream wedding + professional videoshoot, etc. Furthermore she is the one who wants to file for divorce, at least that's what she said but it could be just another narcissistic manipulation tactic...
  6. Here' s the situation, We have been in a long distance relationship since 2016 and got married august 2017. Originally she wanted to come to my country but that didnt work out so last year may during a visit i decided to stay in the u.s. and we filed for aos. Shortly afterwards she changed drastically and claimed that im a financial burden ( she had to pay $300 per month for my health insurance). She also stated that her being married made her lose out on her tax returns. On top of that she became a very toxic person. She starts arguments out of nowhere, calls me a worthless piece of , claims I'm cheating on her and threatened to get me deported. I have a job since 2 months (EAD) and had my GC interview 1 month ago. I was issued a 10 year green card. Now a month later she wants a divorce and wants me to move out. After what I've been through the past few months, which based on her mothers details on the way my wife was treated as a baby is a strong indicator of Narcissism, I'm leaning towards a divorce as being the right decision myself. However, I'm a little worried that this could be seen as highly suspicous since it's been just 1 month since i was issued the gc. Especially when the time comes to file for citizenship since they will look at my entire history again and the divorce could be a red flag.. I don't want anymore trouble, I just want a peaceful life.
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