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  1. She is on her way here! For those who said you don't need anything at the airport regarding the exemption, it is NOT true. There are multiple checks from Border force to baggage check, phone calls and authorizations at each stage. They were able to use the email from her phone, we didn't have a ton of time to discuss things in great detail I just wanted to pass along her experience today. I'm not sure if a printed copy would be better or not, best of luck to all. In 21.25 hours my girl will be with me! We were on a record pace, as you can see by the timeline, until March. In reality, we were only delayed by about 6 weeks for this. I am grateful to the NVC and the Embassy for expediting our case. My mother's condition has remained in a similar state and I pray that we'll get a little while longer although I want her to be at peace. Again, I wish each of you the best and am certainly appreciative of the help and support numerous folks provided to this point. Hopefully our experience will be just as helpful to others.
  2. Thank you! It seems it once again came down to the last moment.
  3. Exemption was approved!!!! 4th time under the urgent travel. Thx to all for all the help, her flight leaves tomorrow morning at 10:00!
  4. Oddly, this time a case number was used vs a reference number and the asks were more specific and less general. She included the canceling of health insurance as well as a utility bill and I've had her added to our lease. We also added a marriage license contract. Stay tuned, the flight is supposed to be Saturday morning.
  5. She has an official letter from her employer, it just seems blatantly obvious. oof
  6. Denied again....resubmitting under the compassionate option. It's quite ridiculous, she lives with her mom so no way to show a rental lease termination. We didn't open a joint account last time she was here and it requires her to be here in person. Yesterday was her final work day, her boxes left on Tuesday and now we have to submit again. I'll stop venting now.
  7. She applied under the urgent personal category, we're holding hope that no news is good news.
  8. They mentioned it could cause a delay if she resubmits, I am not sure if she should wait or go ahead and resubmit. It's concerning that she hasn't heard anything back. The first submission was on a Friday and on Monday morning she got the request for more info telling her to resubmit. She did that day, then again on Thursday of last week and no response to either. I'm pretty much over this part, I thought we were in good shape after the Visa.
  9. @ECCK Did you wait for a response on your exemption before you resubmitted? She hasn't hear anything since the first request for more info last Monday, she did resubmit on Thursday as she was concerned that she might have used the wrong email but, no response whatsoever. I'm not sure if she should just wait or try again? Her final work day is tomorrow and she is meant to fly out Saturday morning. She needs to alter her flight by Friday at 9 if she doesn't have an approval. It's pretty mind-numbing that you're just expected to sit and wait with no real information. I have seen where other referenced calling someone but, she has had no luck on that front. ANY advice would be welcome. Thx,
  10. Sorry, I meant how long from the last submission and approval. Her flight is the 30th, we got approved for the Visa the same day as you and have been waiting for a response between each attempt. They said submitting between responses could delay things. Her last attempt was on Thursday, that was number 3.
  11. How long was it between your submission and approval for the final one?
  12. @Harley999999Did you get a request for more information each time you submitted? It's been silence since Thursday for us....
  13. @ECCK Congratulations! It appears we're heading into another weekend in limbo, it's really weighing her down. It's a shame because it's hard to get excited right now with no real assurance that she can actually fly out on the 30th. If this one gets rejected, we'll explore the compassionate option, I appreciate the tip. I did read where someone mentioned calling and getting some help, what number did they call? This hasn't been a helpful option the one time she attempted it....
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