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  1. The whole issue with the proclamation is that we were not even considered during its inception. Leaving us all without rights. At least we have some sort of status now, despite travel bans. I have emailed London to see what their stance is, I presume it's much the same as other European countries. Did anyone see that air bridge article re: flights to and from major US and UK cities? If that comes to fruition (crazier things have happened), perhaps we will see some of the travel restrictions being relaxed. That's not to say that I don't take the pandemic seriously, I do but I feel like we have the right to see our families, travelling safely like I know we all would. I find it so sad to hear that so many of you have children involved in this. It's bad enough being apart having lived with my fiance for 4 years. It puts things into perspective for me. I can't imagine and I'm really thinking of you all. Also it'd be really nice if people would include their sources, if someone said something in another forum can it be linked? It's hard to take someone's word for it on here unless they are one of the experienced contributors. Everyone wants to see the evidence for themselves. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexledsom/2020/09/01/us-to-uk-travelair-bridges-possible-between-london-and-new-york/#395c275815aa
  2. I beg to differ. The below information has never been in any updates from March - yesterday. This is a step in the right direction for everyone. Montreal are now officially reviewing K1 visas again, as of yesterday. I count that as a win! This is the original source for anyone curious: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/important-notice-for-k-visa-applicants-affected-by-covid-19.html Any positive news for other K1 applicants is a step in the right direction. I hope all of our own embassies follow. All the best.
  3. Great news! Really excited for the Montreal embassy applicants and I hope the London embassy releases a statement soon. All the best everyone!
  4. Hi there, Upcoming fees from NVC to interview phase are: non immigrant visa fee MRV ($265 USD) costs associated with medical examination Correct? I saw some people saying you pay a fee at the embassy itself which confused me. I have searched for an answer on VJ and it confused me further, hence my question.
  5. Hi there. I also lived in Canada for 3 years and had to do this process back in June. Yes you do need to get ink/digital fingerprints from a police station. You shouldn't have any issue getting a police station to take your prints now. As I said I did mine in June, I'm in Scotland and I had zero issues. Police stations are not closed, back in June I was advised that there were staff shortages. You may want to call the police's non-emergency number (101) for details on appointments and prices in your local area. I paid £114.00 to get two sets of ink prints, I was told to do a walk-in at the police station in my nearest city at 8:30am morning and I was seen within 20 minutes. I used Commissionaires Ottawa agency and it went very smoothly. Whichever agency you choose in Canada will give you detailed instructions on what they need. I paid $175 CAD. The agency hands it off to the RCMP, who will then send you the certificate directly (due to the request being privacy act). Since the postal system was and is all backed up, they actually asked for a US/Canadian address to send it to but I just gave them my fiance's address in the US. There is no tracking option sadly. The process took over a month. The delay for me was the Canadian postage system, it took about 3 weeks for my prints to even arrive in Canada. The agency had my prints to the RCMP the very same day they got them, the RCMP processed them within 2 days and postage to the US took two weeks. Hope this helps and all the best.
  6. The positivity in this thread is so nice to see! All the best to everyone for the upcoming weeks.
  7. Hi everyone, NOA 2: June 5th NVC Case number assigned: July 10th I (beneficiary) called today, July 13th. Immigrant visa line: (603) 334­0700 Called from UK at 12pm GMT (8am ET). 15 min wait for an agent. Agent informed me that they had received our case, gave me the case number/invoice ID. As anticipated, told me that our case will not be moving on to the London embassy at this time due to the virus. Hope this helps and all the best!
  8. Can you fill out the DS-160 once you have received your case number from the NVC? Or, do you have to wait until your case is sent to/arrives at the embassy? London specifically. I am seeing conflicting information. Thank you!
  9. Congratulations everyone! Very happy to be here with you all! NOA1 - 29th Nov 2019 NOA2 - 5th June 2020
  10. Just popping in to say that I wish everyone the very best for June. Be it an approval, a RFE or prepping for the embassy phase. Thinking of everyone. I know it's a tough time, especially with a lot of us not being able to plan a trip to see our fiancés. We've got this and the wait will eventually pay off. Good luck for the coming week!
  11. 158 days here (November filer). I like to check here too because any news is good news! All the best to everyone! : )
  12. I know it can't be fun waiting for an acceptance and getting an RFE but on a positive note, quite the feat to hear anything at the moment. Wish you both all the best with the next stage!
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