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  1. whats the moscow embassy's email? I can't find it online 😕
  2. People speak pretty good english from our experience. No russian speakers. Regarding the payment I'm not sure how things are now, we were there 4 months ago...
  3. The hospital was really far from the city center where we were staying so we had to get there on a bus which is not ideal during the pandemic. Then turned out the only way to pay for our testing was at the post office 20 minutes away from the hospital. The price for 2 people was $291.
  4. Yeah we spent around $800 on testing total throughout out vacation. Most expensive and complicated testing was in Serbia (120 euro per person) Turkey didn't require a test. In Montenegro we got tested for 80 euro per person. I highly recommend Turkey! Istanbul was awesome. Montenegro was really good as well although Russians have to exit every 30 days.
  5. @BellsedaWooahh! Have you been staying in Russia since before the pandemic started? If not how did you manage to get here? You are so lucky! We've been lucky enough to spend 4 months together in Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro last summer/fall after considering every option to get him to Russia. Having such an opportunity is a big privilige. Can't imagine being apart for as long as some people from here have to 😕
  6. В общем, у кого аналогичные петиции, давайте держаться вместе и делиться опытом!
  7. Привет невестам из России:) Наконец-то спустя 250 дней нам одобрили петицию К1! НОА1 - март 19, НОА2 - ноябрь 24. Московское консульство, к сожалению, остается закрытым. Предлагаю в этом топике делиться прогрессом и опытом по вашим петициям: как продвигается, как двигаться дальше после одобрения, у кого что сколько занимает, какие документы собирать и тд
  8. We finally got our NOA2 today!!❤❤❤ NOA1 March 19th NOA2 November 24th It took 250 days
  9. My fiance wasn't able to get on the plane to Russia in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm getting tested for coronavirus tomorow and flying to see him as soon as I get the results. Here's the official order by the Russian Government stating only Turkish, British or Tanzatian nationals are allowed entry: http://www.consultant.ru/document/cons_doc_LAW_347693/ P.S. His flight from PDX was around $660 + e-visa for 90 days was around $50 Oh and Russians are exempted from visa for their travels to Turkey up to 60 days. Good luck stay safe.
  10. К счастью хватает мозгов не верить в гадалок
  11. А где еще смотреть, к гадалке может сходить?
  12. В региональных дискуссиях можно на родном языке.
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