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  1. Did you already realize that they’re reopening just for students? Yes I was happpy and excited too but no anymore. My friend called US embassy in Warsaw, Poland today, woman was extremely grumpy and she said that k1 is under the proclamation from March ( this about travel ban). She even said it might not be processed till end of the year (does she know how long the ban will be on?). The thing I’m trying to say is don’t get too excited. Most of embassies is only reopening for students. Sorry for negativity but after 4 months of being positive I am done anyways I’m very happy for New Zealand as far as I see they’re reopening for everyone. but embassies in banned countries can only dream about that
  2. I’ll have my K1 interview in Warsaw too! let’s hope they’ll open soon. they canceled June appointments, and new appointments are possible starting July 20th. I know a girl she has her k1 interview the 23rd of July. Let’s hope they won’t cancel July appointments
  3. That’s what I was thinking too. Now it’s the best time and reason to suspend immigration and play with our feelings. we were planing our wedding in August, eh 😩
  4. I extremely agree with the emotional trauma. Uncertainty is taking over. It’s been harsh on mental health.
  5. I guess it’s time to talk to my fiancé about moving to Europe. We’ll stay here in Poland or Ireland till next year when things start moving forward. He is down for this too. Immigration to the US sucks a lot but now it just sucks entire energy out of me. I just want to be with him and go through this uncertainty together. or let’s create a petition about finally taking care of us fiancés
  6. Poland just opened the borders, flights resume tomorrow within EU countries. My guess is that we are banned so I can dream about embassy open anytime soon. There will be second wave and we won’t be able to have interview and finally be with our fiancés. Nobody cares about us and that’s it. Sounds pessimistic because it looks pessimistic
  7. That’s what I’m saying, checking temperature, consul behind the glass and we are all set. I just think they like complicating and playing with people’s lives.
  8. Guys do you have any guesses on when they might open? Am I the only one who thinks this is just enough? Like it’s just so hard for them to put consul behind the glass and don’t make him touch anything without glows, also before entering they can check the temperature of applicants. This is way better than affecting so many people’s lives and also having a backlog. I understand they protect workers, but it can’t be like that. We have preschools and nurseries open, borders as well but of course embassy is just something different.
  9. I didn’t find this info anywhere. Could you please share the link? is it about phases of easing the restrictions in each country?
  10. Congratulations! I told you it will come soon ❤️ I also commented on your Facebook post 😂🥰
  11. So happy to join you guys, we got approved yesterday NOA1 Dec 20th NOA2 June 3rd I hope this stage will go smooth and embassies will reopen soon ❤️
  12. You guys are next!! and thank you, be ready because the shock is incredible 😅
  13. Guys, I’m coming to you with a great news. WE GOT APPROVED TODAY!!! 🥳 NOA1 Dec 20th NOA2 June 3rd Im so shocked, to be honest last couple of days I was so chill and I wasn’t stressing out and we got approved all of a sudden 😍 good luck to the rest of you!!! It will come soon and get ready because this feeling is incredible
  14. Finally someone worked some more on Dec 20th! @Solaris81 your petition is almost approved! Just need little something something to add. Keep us updated
  15. I feel you, 154 days here and seeing one December approval weekly makes me feel like it’s a joke
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