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  1. Thank you, this is very helpful and we will start filing these after thus road trip😉
  2. Hi, Here is the instruction from Tokyo embassy. Good luck.
  3. I hope everything goes well for everyone💗 Just wondering how is greenbaum doing. I miss him.
  4. I appreciate taking time and educating me, now I understood🙂
  5. Not sure what US airline you have booked but from my experience, the UNITED Air Line will let you reschedule without fee.😉
  6. But I saw the form is expiring on 28 Feb 2021😳 I have my medical appt this week. The cost will be vary it depends on how many vaccines you have to take. There is 2 diffarent medical facilities in Tokyo for VISA and the Seibo is the one I am going for my medical. https://www.seibokai.or.jp/en/index.html My interview will be in March, we are going to use letter from employer, bank statement and pay stubs or tax transcripts. In addition would you mind complete your "Timeline"?.
  7. @jay303 What is the expiration date of New affidavit of support form?
  8. I am glad that I saw your post, I am having interview in middle of March and my fiance already filled out the I-134😱 Have you received P3 already? If not here is one for your reference.
  9. @Greenbaum Here is P3 in JAPANESE from U.S.Embassy TOKYO. Instructions_(P3)-_JN.pdf
  10. Hi All, @Michigan Boy Hope everything goes well. Here is the Instruction (P3) in Japanese. Stay safe. Instructions_(P3)-_JN.pdf
  11. @GreenbaumRight, and it's working now. Wondering if everyone confused and choosing "NONIMMIGRANT" on "Visa Application Type"? I remember you said that chose "Immigrant" instead of "Non Immigrant" but, the image on the PDF said "NONIMMIGRANT" 😆
  12. Hi 😊, thank you for the information I feel so relieved😉. I have submitted a mail forwarding thing to my local post office, but I was worried that some important mail has the word on the envelope said "No forwarding required" will not be forwarded to the new address and may be sent back to mailer.
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